200 million by 2050

Russian Activist Leaves Country For U.S. Out Of Fear For Family’s Safety
Bilingual children have more efficient thinking skills, research by Bangor lecturers reveals
Uzbekistan Completes Deportation Of Hundreds Of Afghan Pilots And Family
‘The main goal is to get rid of them.’ Lithuania’s asylum system cracks under pressure
Tajikistan Accepts Around 100 Afghans Fleeing The Taliban, But Sends 100 Back
Baltic, Polish ministers discuss regional security challenges, NATO
What’s Next for Afghan Pilots Who Escaped to Central Asia?
Baltics and Poland present united front on hybrid migrant threat
Climate change could see 200 million move by 2050
Lithuanians flood migrant camps with donations
Channel crossings: Border Force staff seen ‘training to use turn-around tactics’
A migrant dinghy evades the grasp of French police
Man wanted over rape and murder of Austrian teen ‘snuck into UK on refugee boat’
Nearly 2,000 migrants arrived in the UK last week in new record for 2021
In the words of Afghan translator in Lithuania: ‘The Taliban I know’
Lithuania starts moving most vulnerable migrants to new camp in Rukla
Lithuanian president presents awards to rescuers of Jews
Despite European court ruling, five Afghans remain stuck on border with Lithuania
Catalonia criticizes ‘low’ number of Afghan evacuees and asks for greater resources
Burkina Faso says 374 children rescued from traffickers
Turkey Resists Pressure to Take Afghan Refugees, Calls for Global Response
Afghan Women Residing In Tajikistan Protest Against Taliban, Pakistan
Debt Bondage Payouts Flow to Workers in Malaysia’s Glove Industry
Where Will the Afghan Refugees Go? Non-Humanitarian Openings for the Unfolding Crisis
Myanmar Court Moves Venue for Australian’s Trial Under Secrets Law
Chinese students hit by US visa rejections amid tension
Pope visit a sign of inclusion for Slovakia’s excluded Roma
Children a big part of migration through perilous Darien Gap
Ida Nudel, celebrated Soviet Jewish refusenik, dies aged 90
Members of Afghan women’s soccer team cross into Pakistan
North Korean Cops Go Undercover as Phone Brokers to Entrap Refugees’ Families
Embracing the Afro in revolt against Venezuela’s ‘bad hair’ stereotype
Ex-jihadi bride asks UK for forgiveness, aims to return home
Frustration grows for migrants stuck in southern Mexico
New Democrats’ Singh looks to dance his way to role as Canada’s kingmaker
1821 September 15: Costa Rica Independence Day
1821 September 15: El Salvador Independence Day
1821 September 15: Guatemala Independence Day
1821 September 15: Honduras Independence Day
1821 September 15: Nicaragua Independence Day
Woman Who Threw Eggs at Chinese VP Facing Forcible Repatriation From Germany
Devolved governments unite in call for UK to give EU settlers proof of status
British Afghan Women on Hunger Strike to Protest Taliban’s Treatment of Women in Afghanistan
More than 200,000 stopped at US southern border for second straight month
Kurdish Authorities Release 324 Syrian Nationals From al-Hol Camp
19 Months Into the Pandemic, China Is Still Shutting Out US Students
Rethinking Social Protection Programs: Cambodian Migrant Workers Deserve Better
German police detain teen after Yom Kippur synagogue threat
1810 September 16: Grito de Dolores, Mexico
1975 September 16: Papua New Guinea Independence Day
1939 September 17: Soviet Invasion of Poland
Belarusians launch campaign in Vilnius to free political prisoners: ‘country is drifting into a gloomy Soviet reality’
Lithuanian, Polish governments call for review of EU migration policy
All Belarusians detained in Kyiv walk free
Belarusian Uladzislau Chakalau transferred from Russia without extradition procedure
‘Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali’ explores relationship between the icons
The ones who made it: leaving Guinea to build a life in Europe
Cambodia PM Says He Crashed Opposition Zoom Talk to Warn ‘Rebels’
Thousands of Migrants in Limbo Under Texas Bridge
Afghan Evacuees Confused Over Status in US
COVID-19 Underfunding for Refugees Prolongs, Worsens Pandemic
Turkey Cracks Down on Afghan Refugees
WhatsApp instructions, Mexican struggles: How Haitians ended up in Texas camp
Greek PM says Turkey is a key partner on migration, EU needs cohesion
A Hmong refugee’s journey to the United States
The Struggle to Reverse a Shrinking Population Hits Some Nations Harder
Russia and Belarus Are Using Migrants as a Weapon Against the EU
Greece opens new migrant holding camp on island amid tougher policy
UN concerned about detained migrants vanishing in Libya
1810 September 18: Fiestas Patrias, Chile
One family’s journey from Siberia to Israel and owning a business
Belarusians in Vilnius demand IKEA stop cooperation with Lukashenka’s regime
Heroic return for four opponents of ousted Guinean president
Two Afghans who trekked to France have lessons for evacuees
1893 September 19: New Zealand allows women to vote in parliamentary elections
1983 September 19: Saint Kitts and Nevis Independence Day