Expendables: Shortage

June 3
1992 June 3: Mabo Day, Australia
Benghazi, Libya’s new hub for illegal immigration to the US
Portugal’s new government tightens immigration rules
A hundred years ago: International emigration conference
More Canadians are moving to the U.S. Here’s one of the main reasons, according to an immigration expert
Refugees and migration: Criticism of Europe’s asylum policy
The EU’s outsourced migration control is violent, expensive and ineffective
As Darién migration goes global, language becomes a major challenge
French charities decry ‘social cleansing’ of migrants, sex workers ahead of Paris Olympics
UNHCR trains judges on application of the Law “On Refugees” in Kazakhstan
The world’s most neglected displacement crises 2023
UN project empowers refugees in Angola

June 4
British PM Rishi Sunak vows to cap immigration visas ahead of July election
Joe Biden tightens US immigration rules with limit on asylum seekers
Romania opens borders to South Asian workers to replace emigrants
Little protection for the vulnerable, even on major migration routes: UNHCR
Italy ‘will not accept’ 500 South American migrants
Anti-immigrants rhetoric divides Italian coastal town of Monfalcone
Syria not ready for refugees to return from Jordan, says senior UNHCR official

June 5
Biden announces asylum restrictions to ‘control border’
Japan’s multiculturalism fails to keep pace with rising migration
IOM Desk Review 2023: Report on Migration, Environment, and Climate Change in Yemen
Refugees, migrants, asylum seekers, and IDPs: What’s the difference?
As an Irish emigrant, I’m not supposed to talk about butter. I’m supposed to talk about James Joyce and Seamus Heaney
‘I can be a socialist and a business leader’: The son of Irish emigrants backing Labour
Opinion The global immigrant shortage is almost here
Refugees, migrants risk lives on dangerous routes from Africa to Europe

June 6
Emigration: The hidden catalyst behind the rise of the radical right in Europe’s depopulating regions
Italy Migration Deal with Albania is a Costly, Cruel Farce
Polish defense minister slams arrest of soldiers accused of shooting at migrants
Rock-solid motor: Croatia’s Mercedes monument honours emigrants
How Germany’s AfD party tries to win over voters from immigrant backgrounds
How Younger Immigrants Gain an Edge in American Business
US Mapped: Unauthorized Immigrants by State
Accommodating refugees fleeing Ukraine

June 7
Crown World Mobility: Immigration trends in 2024
For China’s eager emigrants, the FOMO is real, and a move overseas may be now or never
Calm situation on Lithuania-Belarus border, as migrants go to Poland
Mauritania sees rise in African migrants heading for Europe
Mediterranean: Migrants Stuck in Limbo in Cyprus Buffer Zone ― Italy Extends State of Emergency Yet Again ― Possible Plan for Italy and USA to ‘Swap’ Migrants ― European Court of Human Rights Hears First Ever Cases on Pushbacks by Greek Authorities in Evros ― NGO Report Denounces Living Conditions in Greek Refugee Camps
Americans Head to New Zealand and Leave ‘the Chaos’ Behind
Old cars, immigrants and war – how EU related misinformation is spread in the Baltics?
These immigrants are leaving Australia because of the high cost of living
Refugees sent to Rwanda from remote UK island speak to BBC

June 8
Fiji fights for brain gain amid wave of emigration
‘Bloody policies’: MSF recovers 11 bodies from Mediterranean off Libya
NGO ship recovers bodies of 11 migrants in Mediterranean

1941 June 14: Soviet Mass Deportations from Baltic States
June 15: International Uyghur Language Day
1904 June 16: Bloomsday