Lives Wasted, People Dying

1950 May 9: Schuman Declaration, Europe Day
Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Mauritania
Denmark to deport Syrian refugee who had 2 fingers amputated by Assad regime
First woman of colour crowned Miss Wales in contest’s 70 year history
Spain rescues 13 migrants off Gran Canaria, twice as many said missing
Over 40 migrants drowned off Western Sahara
Spain and Morocco resolve to discourage irregular migration
Greece: 1,200 migrant children relocated in two years
States Band Together to Block Immigration Policy

The importance of emigrants
Gulf returnee Keralites frustrated over bleak labour market

Underground Networks of Russians Helping Ukrainian Refugees: ‘Thanks to the Volunteers We Got Out’
Migrant disappearances quadruple in Mexico in 2021, says report
Dressing to impress gives lift to refugees in South Sudan
Mozambicans fleeing a violent jihadist insurgency find refuge in Malawi
Boy with a Flag During the 11J Protests Escapes from Cuba
Most Gulf returnees want to remigrate: study

Tunisia: Three bodies found, 248 migrants rescued
‘People are dying’: Ethiopians escape war only to face hunger in Somaliland
Poland receives 10 times more refugees than Serbia during 2015 crisis
EU national and SNP staffer hit with vile xenophobic abuse after standing for election
Vietnam dissidents released, sent to US ahead of PM’s Washington visit
Southeast Asian diaspora members rally in Washington against ASEAN autocrats
Afghan Interpreter Eludes 12 Taliban Checkpoints to Escape Into Pakistan, Travel On to US
As others are blocked, Colombians reach US through Mexico
Besides the US, Nicaraguans are Fleeing South to Costa Rica
Switzerland Concludes Migration Partnership With Georgia
Big brain drain alert: Over 10% of educated South Africans want to emigrate
Post-COVID emigration: Don’t forget the tax!

More than 20,000 Nicaraguans request asylum in Costa Rica in the first quarter of 2022
This musician helps homesick Ukrainians feel a little more at home in Poland
One in three rejected asylum cases in Germany successful at appealing
11 dead, 31 rescued after boat capsizes near Puerto Rico
Fatal boat trip highlights Haitians fleeing violence
Atlantic Route and Spain: Rescues and Deadly Tragedies as Spain Strengthen Migration Deterrence Cooperation with Morocco
This poll shows Tucker Carlson is on the losing side of the immigration debate
Czechia Introduces New Financial Criteria for Long-Term Residence Permit Applicants

Ukrainian refugees in Lithuania begin returning home
First Person: ‘I rescued over 1000 trafficking victims’
Number Of Ukrainian Refugees Arriving In Germany Slowing
Russians in Germany clash over the war in Ukraine
Uyghurs in exile use art to combat China’s cultural genocide back home
Detention of WNBA’s Griner in Moscow extended by 1 month
Tunisia’s navy rescues 81 migrants headed to Europe from Libya
UK: First group of illegal migrants will be sent to Rwanda within a fortnight
US: Court rules against detained immigrants, says they have fewer rights
Derwentside immigration detention centre ‘resurfaces trauma’
After two years of border restrictions and lockdowns, some Chinese citizens contemplate emigration
Cuban emigrant Orlando Rodriguez of Cedar Rapids Kernels pushes to get to big leagues

1948 May 15: Nakba Day, Day of the Catastrophe in Palestine
Post-COVID, migrant worker issues remain
Canada needs to stop wasting the talent of skilled immigrants
US: Asia Society’s exhibit on the immigrant experience bares the weight of child separations at border
UK immigration routes for South African businesses