2016 10 12 Wednesday

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Wheelchair-bound woman is gang-raped by six migrants at Swedish asylum centre after asking if she could use their toilet

Luxembourg suggests CLOSING all EU borders for 24 hours to prove to Britain how valuable free movement is

[That explains a lot] Eritrea: the African Cuba

UK has ‘moral duty’ to take Calais migrant children, says French interior minister

Merkel announces Niger aid package to stem migrant flow during Africa trip

NZ@Noon: Maori lawyer fighting for indigenous rights in US


2016 10 11 Tuesday

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Word, Image and Thought: Creating the Romani Other

Why are Romani children denied access to education in France?

Meet the ‘Gay-Gypsy-Squatter’ Defending Spain’s Homeless

Romany Gypsies targeted by hate

Crimean Tatar TV channel ATR can move to Lithuania

Greek parents padlock school against refugee children as education plan gets underway

Mental health support: a second chance for refugees in Lebanon

Egyptian teenagers risk their lives to join migrant flow to Europe

Germany well-placed for post-Brexit migration of London business

IMF: Hyperinflation, Mass Migration Loom for Venezuela

As China’s economy slows, migrant workers head home


2016 10 10 Monday

Anti-Romani Statements at X-Men LGBTQ Panel

63 Ethiopian immigrants arrive in Israel after years-long wait

Kurdish Yezidi becomes MP in Georgian Parliament

‘Sweden is doing much better than most other countries’

Canada to dispatch team to Iraq for Yazidi fact-finding mission

Despite high remittances, does any of these countries prosper?

Elections 2016: Who did Georgian emigrants vote for?


2016 10 09 Sunday


Kerava fitness project integrates newcomers through exercise

Netherlands Sends Additional Aid to the Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Boring, crooked bankers? 10 Swiss myths, uncovered

Central Tibetan Administrations ‘Thank You India’ event

How Sweden Became an Exporter of Jihad


2016 10 08 Saturday

Non-British academics dumped from Brexit project

Czech pilots could be endangered species as they target jobs with foreign carriers

Merkel on economic mission to Africa to curb migrant flow

The Challenges of Educating the Children of Migrant Workers

These are among the most powerful migrant photos we’ve ever seen

Migration Out of the Middle East Shows No Signs of Slowing

UN Authorizes EU to Stop Migrant-Smuggling Vessels off Libya

Ex-president Saakashvili: “Whatever the election outcome, I won’t return to Georgia”


2016 10 07 Saturday

Brexit negotiator Verhofstadt warns May the EU will defend the rights of its citizens in the UK
why haven´t they ever done that so far?

Which European countries attract the most immigrants?

Unexpected Eritrean Journalistic Voice Rises in Ethiopia

Denmark easing rules for working foreign students

“No Irish Need Apply” once more as truth of life for Irish Down Under is revealed

EU mulls ‘migrant’ terminal at Kabul airport

Stepping Over the Dead on a Migrant Boat


2016 10 06 Thursday

Greece to Begin Schooling Migrant Children

Chechen asylum seekers stranded in Belarus

Concern rising for Eritrean immigrants in Amsterdam

7 nationalities make up 90% of foreigners in Kuwait

Hungary welcomes wealthy Chinese despite migrant hostility

GB demand for Irish passports doubles post-Brexit vote

EU vegetable pickers detained at Irish border

Basque Country: Culling culture

Refugee and migrant crisis in focus at OSCE

Mediterranean Migrant Arrivals Reach 302,975; Deaths at Sea: 3,502