2016 12 26

Deportation for Christmas: Home Office condemned for action against US couple in the Highlands

His Holiness the Dalai Lama remains hopeful about returning Tibet

Russia may organise migrant sex attacks in Europe to make Angela Merkel lose German elections, EU experts claim

Three out of four Greek firms in Bulgaria are ‘ghost companies’

Croatia: 42 migrants hospitalised after found packed in van

Hollywood legend Zsa Zsa Gabor dies aged 99 after an amazing life – including NINE husbands

‘Every migrant is a human being with human rights,’ says UN chief on International Day

Ban calls for safe, regular, orderly migration

Climate-related migration can dwarf refugee problem

Migration: Fleeing from hunger to poverty

World Migrant Day: Don’t fall into the easy trap of labelling people as ‘illegal immigrants’

Migrant workers continue to suffer appalling treatment

Once job seekers, now jailbirds: Dark side of migrant influx

‘Capital sees reverse migration due to note ban’

The place where migrants get free language lessons

For Uighur exiles, Kashmir is heaven

Tibetan Women’s Association Donates Rs 6,43,950 to Tibetan Market Fire Victims in Delhi

India should make Tibet a core issue with China: Tibet PM in exile

Tibetan PM hopeful after Trump’s take on ‘One China policy’

Tibetan community outraged by TTC ads

China wages cyber war via dharamsala

Suspected Turkish spy ‘thought to have planned Kurdish murders’: report

Moroccan Overcomes Enormous Challenges to Become Fashion Designer in Belgium

Singapore says deported close to 70 suspected radicals in past two years

Domestic Helpers in Singapore Have Been Investigated for Suspected Islamic Radicalism

Swiss scientists rejoice as Croatia gets free movement

Malta will try to ‘please everyone’ on migration

Unleashing the potential of migration

International Migrant’s Day: A Reminder on the need for a coherent migration policy in India?

Indians now the largest international migrant group

‘It is important to let the positive side of migration be told’ – IOM Director-General

Minister promises free health insurance for migrant workers

How Italy’s tireless coastguard responded to busiest ever migrant year

Sudan to Benefit From EU Package to Tackle Irregular Migration

EU Supports Horn of Africa: Targeting Instability and Migration

EU-Turkey migrant accord extended to 2017

Benefits for EU migrant children abroad – but how much?

America: 1,574 PER DAY: Border Officials Struggle Under Increasing Wave of Illegal Migration

More Migrants Homeless in Serbia as Winter Closes In

Chilean football club tours West Bank to reconnect with its Palestinian roots

After a year of setbacks, uncertainty looms for immigrants in 2017

Burmese Migrant Workers in Thailand Demand Greater Rights Protection

‘Life-Changing’: Head Start Gives Latino Migrant Children Early Education

NZ migration, tourism boom year continues

Teenage refugee preparing for first Christmas in Hertfordshire after fleeing Eritrea

Lebanon: Syrian Refugee’s Account of Torture

Mayors deal with the practical issues of immigration

More children and men falling prey to traffickers amid migration crisis

Due to migration, Pauri’s 341 villages become uninhabited

Migration trends to watch in 2017

Call for Papers: African migration imaginaries: rumours, cosmologies, representations

Policing policy: a new index for measuring migration governance

Females make up nearly three-quarters of trafficking victims

Yazidi families arrive in Winnipeg

‘No one chooses to be a refugee’: pictures from a Greek crisis

A life in flux for Lebanon’s Dom community

How Canadians are keeping this classic ‘Icelandic’ holiday cake alive

Migrant workers win payout

2016: A look at Europe’s ongoing migrant crisis

China Ride-Hailing Rules Threaten Didi’s Migrant Drivers

Uphold the rights of Jamaica’s migrant population

Scammers offering jobs to Portugal, public warned

Kristaps Porzingis’ grandma and aunts break into song accepting Latvian award for him

Germany Drains Bosnia of Doctors and Nurses

Migrant crisis death toll crosses 5,000, says UN refugee agency

Five Films That Depicted Europe’s Migrant Crisis in 2016

Malta: Complacency on migration ‘not an option anymore’

‘Jesus the refugee’: Churches connect Christmas story to migrant crisis

Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan for Europe (January to December 2017)

Migration surge drives housing markets and economies

Leaving war-torn Syria, luxury chocolatier finds new home in Hungary

Refugees in Greece work together and build communities

Pre-internet ‘modern’ Ireland

Belgium Has Credit Rating Cut by Fitch as Deficit Seen Rising

As winter blows in across Lebanon, refugees struggle

Singaporean blogger in immigration detention in US

Gambians turn back to migration as political impasse drags

Amid Reelection, Angela Merkel Faces Criticism For Germany’s Open-Door Migrant Policy

Juncker Opposes Change in EU Migration Policy

Christmas brings migrant families back home

Myanmar does not have a long-term migration policy

Unsafe transport leads to death for migrant workers

Philippines: Govt committed to end labor migration

Bangladesh: Migration, development and GFMD

Internal migration

Villages Recycled as Towns

Bangladeshis top Oman migrant population

Donald Trump Looming Over White House Sparks Illegal Migrant Surge Before Wall Emerges

Russia to pay €30,000 to a Georgian female victim of 2006 mass deportation