2017 02 26

Open Call for Facilitators: Dikh he na Bister – Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative 2

One Day Without Us: UK GDP would take 4% hit if all migrant workers stopped working

On 73rd anniversary of deportation, Chechnya and Ingushetia divide on Stalin and his crimes

Remembering the 23 February 1944 Chechnya’s exile

Putin-Ally Kadyrov Curses Hero Worship of Stalin

After 73 years, the memory of Stalin’s deportation of Chechens and Ingush still haunts the survivors

Displaced Yemenis returning home as conditions deteriorate further

The true scale of immigration and crime in Sweden in five charts

Switzerland funding Nigerian ‘anti-migration’ television series

Calls for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to receive free Welsh lessons

Chechens struggle to enter the EU through Belarus

EU “impressed with Serbia’s handling of migrant crisis”

Brazilian footballer in tears after racist chants in Serbia

Bosnia appeals UN ruling that cleared Serbia of genocide

Heartbreaking photos show refugees living in freezing warehouses in Serbia

Young migrants survive on their own in Serbia

GLOBAL immigration dispatch – Luxembourg, Singapore, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam

Nearly 400 rejected asylum seekers remain in Luxembourg

Ross Kemp meets ruthless Libyan people smuggler accused of trafficking 2,000 desperate migrants into Europe – as 74 bodies wash up on beach in latest shipwreck tragedy

Eastern Libya Ban on Women Traveling Abroad Alone Spurs Outrage

The Armenia-Azerbaijan war: A refugee’s story

Palestinian diaspora holds first global conference

Human trafficking: Poor women and girls targeted in Albania

Woman trafficked to Britain from Albania by her boyfriend reveals her horrific ordeal

Booted out at last: Sent packing back to Albania, the double murderer who claimed it was his human right to live in Britain

Russia’s war against the Ukrainian language

Migration of young people still a major challenge in Kurdistan

The sour holes in the Swiss cheese

Switzerland ‘revised’ Tibet policy to boost ties:Chinese media

Tibet is a litmus test for the world: Sikyong in Japan

Sikyong greets people of Tibet on Tibetan New Year ‘Losar 2144 ‘

Tibetan woman deported by Switzerland jailed in Nepal

First Ever Tibetan Women’s Empowerment Conference Criticised For ‘Lack of Women’

Meet Lama Thubten Wangchen: ‘We are citizens of the world’

West Papua: Man Fleeing Persecution Deported by Australian Authorities

Batwa: New Documentary Highlights the Plight of Conservation Refugees

Hmong: US Bill Proposes Including History of Community in School Curriculum

Pretoria: Violence erupts at anti-migrant protest

Anti-migrant protests spread in South Africa

Morocco uses migrant crisis as leverage in EU free trade dispute

Mexico rejects ‘unilateral’ US migration moves

Health and migration – Online Q&A

Leaving No One Behind: A Call to Action on Migrant Health

Greece charges cleric with child refugees’ sexual abuse

Danish Vikings could have been economic migrants to Britain

Denmark’s dark past is up for an Oscar

Muslim Americans raise thousands for vandalised Jewish cemetery in Missouri

Over 400 people call anti-human trafficking helpline in 2016 in Estonia

Public assistance for undocumented immigrants in need – at least in Helsinki

Start-up aims to attract 100,000 foreign students to Finland

Coping with beggar gangs

Cruel Lidl employees film themselves locking screaming Roma gypsies in caged supermarket bins

Where is Europe’s Roma policy?

Slovak TV program focuses on Romani girl who studies despite living without electricity

Jan Cina: Being Romani is a normal part of my identity, but more important is what I know how to do

Anniversary of the death of Helena Biháriová, one of the first victims of racial murder in post-1989 Czech Republic

Nearly 2,500 migrants rescued off the Mediterranean

Egyptian christians flee from Sinai

Nigeria ‘summons’ South African envoy over xenophobic attacks