Far From Over

May 6
Migration in the Context of Climate and Environmental Changes within Central Asia and to the European Union and the Russian Federation
Exiled Russian historian rallies fellow emigrants in dark times
Mantri for emigration: Global demographic trends creating huge opportunity for workers; GOI needs full-time minister to tap it
Immigration law enforcement in the EU: 2023 figures
United States | Diversity Visa results available online
Trump promises to deport all undocumented immigrants, resurrecting a 1950s strategy − but it didn’t work then and is less likely to do so now
Company 4093 – Bulgarian emigrants create a special military unit beyond the Iron Curtain
IOM Calls for Increased Support for Growing Number of Stranded Migrants in Yemen
Hungary: UNHCR job fair for refugees and migrants
U.S. and Canadian government delegations witness the work of the Tijuana Migrant Worker Resource Center in providing access to justice and information on labour rights
Missing ID: An assessment of the challenges in obtaining travel documents for migrants in Libya (April 2024)
Tunis police raid sees refugees abandoned near the border with Algeria
Temporary protection for persons fleeing Ukraine – monthly statistics
Biden administration rebuilt refugee programmes after Trump-era cuts

May 7
IOM World Migration Report 2024
Misinformation and politicisation of migration is ‘clouding public discourse’
Sri Lanka: Dept. of Immigration and Emigration Chief makes public rationale for working with VFS Global
The history of Derry emigration to the US and Canada
Revitalising US innovation through immigration policy reform
The Surprising Face of German Anti-Immigration Policies
Immigration: Denmark again contemplates outsourcing asylum procedures to third countries
Seven out of 10 Europeans believe their country takes in too many immigrants
I’m grateful for my immigrant mom allowing me to live her dreams
How Has California’s Immigrant Population Changed over Time?
Delaware’s 14,000 immigrants eligible for naturalization face complex path to citizenship
Karabakh refugees grappling with new realities

May 8
Niger after the Coup: new migration patterns in the Sahel?
Migration to UK has failed to boost economic growth, warns report
The Deteriorating Healthcare System in Iran: A Crisis of Emigration, Suicide, and Neglect
Dutch tech companies voice concern at plans for tougher stance on immigration
America: The Cost of the Border Crisis
Tunisia detains a prominent activist for migrants’ rights
China Forcibly Returns 60 Refugees to North Korea
Protecting Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

May 9
1950 May 9: Schuman Declaration, Europe Day
Kazakhstan cracking down on illegal migration in aftermath of Moscow terror attack
SA: Persistent emigration and tax misconceptions
Chart of the Day | India has the largest number of emigrants. Just look at World Migration Report
Users spread unfounded claims of impending Canadian departure fine
Crown World Mobility: Immigration weekly update: May 09, 2024
IntelBrief: Europe’s Immigration Management Issues Are Far From Over
China and US resume cooperation on deportation as Chinese immigrants rush in from southern border
Mapped: U.S. Immigrants by Region
US: Detained immigrants denied access to attorneys and basic medical care at Desert View Annex facility
HSE recruitment embargo is preventing emigrants from returning – Doherty

May 10
Italy: Prime Minister in Libya for Discussions on Further Migration Co-operation ― Joint Italian-Finnish Proposal on Migration Presented to EU Member States ― NGO Monitoring Aircraft Banned from Using Airports Near Migrant Routes ― Almost 23,000 Unaccompanied Child Migrants Missing in Italy in Three Years
Tunisia: The migration trap
Fact Sheet: Third Ministerial Meeting on the Los Angeles Declaration On Migration and Protection in Guatemala
Iranian man loses bid to be freed from Australian immigration detention
EU External Partners: Member States Push for Outsourcing of Migration Procedures to Third Countries ― EU Signs € 1 Billion Migration Deal with Lebanon ― Tunisian Authorities Expel Hundreds of Migrants to Border with Algeria ― Migrants Released from Detention in Libya
‘The Cursed’: Former migrants rejected by society on return to Ivory Coast

May 11
Malaysia: Surge in economic emigration raises concern

May 12
A decade of uncertainty: the fate of detained Uyghur refugees in Thailand
Australia and Tuvalu finalize historic treaty to welcome climate refugees

1948 May 15: Nakba Day, Day of the Catastrophe in Palestine
1944 May 16: Day of Sinti, Romani and Roma resistance
1954 May 16: Kengir uprising, Kazakhstan
1990 May 17: International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia
1944 May 18: Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Crimean Tatar genocide