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July 1
SCOTUS Overturns Chevron: Implications for USCIS and Immigration Adjudications
Malaysia: Immigration smashes prostitution syndicate with arrest of 49 foreigners
Australia: Immigration changes effective from 1 July 2024
Poll: A quarter of ‘Palestinian’ Arabs weighing emigration
Safe Migration in Central Asia Activity Fact Sheet [EN/RU]
US, Panama partnering to address Darien Gap migration
Kosovo: Border police subsidy for expats starts today
UK: How the Tory war on immigration backfired
Mass. allowed undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses. Here’s what happened.
Vulnerability Assessment Framework: Socio-Economic Survey of Refugees in Camps – Jordan, June 2024

July 2
Think Immigration: Chevron Is Dead! Thoughts on the Immigration Impact of Loper Bright Enterprises
The Migration Diaries: not putting things off anymore
US, Panama sign deal to address irregular migration
Calais’ Jungle is gone, but the migrants keep coming
Berlin’s other home team: Austria v Turkey showing tonight at fan mile
New immigrants change southern Florida ambience
Refugees flown to Germany under UN resettlement program
Refugee flight from Sudan surging as war rages, funds dry up
Protests and arrests as anti-Syrian riots rock Turkey

July 3
Generally speaking, do you think the level of immigration into Britain over the last ten years has been too high, too low or about right
Number of emigrants leaving the United Kingdom from 4th quarter 1991 to 4th quarter 2023, by citizenship
A hundred years ago | Indian Emigration
US expels more than 100 Chinese migrants in rare mass deportation
Migrants deprived of their ‘fundamental human rights’ in Bulgarian detention centers
Tracing the footsteps of Kerry emigrants
Canadian Dream? High housing costs has two-in-five recent immigrants saying they may leave their province (or Canada)
UNHCR: Call for applications for new refugee advisors – open until July 19

July 4
Crown World Mobility: Immigration weekly update: July 04, 2024
Migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants: What’s the difference?
Germany’s Scholz breaks bad on migration
Irish emigration songs that will stir your heart
Bodies of 89 migrants retrieved from Atlantic
Share of the immigrant population in France from 1921 to 2022

July 5
Migration: twice as many migrants die crossing the Sahara than the Mediterranean Sea
Extreme Horrors Faced by Migrants and Refugees on Land Routes to Africa’s Mediterranean Coast
Land routes through Africa are twice as dangerous for migrants and refugees
How can teachers support children and youth with migration and refugee experience?
Tuvalu’s amazing migration deal
Humanitarian action not enough to prevent ‘extreme horrors’ faced by refugees, migrants on Africa-Europe route
At least 89 people dead as boat capsizes off Mauritania
Unauthorized immigrants are key players in Idaho’s economy, agricultural sector, study shows
Boundless Immigration Inc: This Week in Immigration: July 5, 2024

July 6
How French hotels and restaurants view the immigration debate
France’s Maghrebi doctors consider emigration with the rise of the far-right
Escape from Keir’s Britain with the experts’ definitive emigration guide
Pat McFadden, son of Donegal emigrants, gets Cabinet role in British government