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April 8
Regretting coming to US, some Chinese immigrants return home
Trump bemoans lack of immigrants from majority-white countries to the US
Trump revives his wish that immigrants came from rich White countries
“All the new jobs are going to immigrants”
Migration Governance Insights: Informing People-centred Migration Policies
New Zealand tightens visa rules as immigration minister says “unsustainable numbers coming into the country”
US: The Use of Parole Under Immigration Law

April 9
Immigrant workers save aging economies but face financial struggles in their own senior years
Strasbourg Court opens case against Lithuania over penalising migrant aid NGO
Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya: “Even in emigration, Belarusians remain creative, proactive, and hardworking”
NL: Job opportunities determine labor migration more than welfare policy: CPB
Humanitarian Border Management: IOM’s Immigration and Border Governance
Why Indonesians now resent Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh
In Their Own Words: Refugees Mark Flight from Sudan to Chad

April 10
Funny and poignant inner conflicts of an Irish emigrant in ‘Philadelphia, Here I Come!’ Off-Broadway at Irish Rep
How Portugal has largely avoided racism and Islamophobia amid a migration boom
When you move to Australia, you must work to understand it from the little things up
Taiwan interior ministry reports negative population growth in March
MEPs approve the new Migration and Asylum Pact
EU approves major overhaul of migration rules
European Parliament passes asylum and migration reforms
EU parliament adopts stricter migration rules in landmark asylum reform
The impact of immigration settings, affordability, and job opportunities on international students’ study abroad decisions
Ukrainian refugees already contribute more money to the state than they receive in support
Most countries do not take a fair share of refugees – here’s how we could incentivise them
Norwegian city’s decision to only accept Ukrainian refugees is ‘discrimination’, says top authority

April 11
South American Immigrants in the United States
Massive group of migrants aided by Belarus tries to storm border into Poland
38 Migrants Including Children Confirmed Dead off Djibouti Coast After Shipwreck 
EU approves new migration pact
The EU’s new migration and asylum pact hollows out the right to asylum
COMECE: New EU Pact on migration presents several critical issues
European Parliament Adopts Migration and Asylum Pact Despite Criticism
Four reasons why we need gender mainstreaming in migration data
Bermuda: Green family donate to Portuguese emigration celebrations
Latest UK grant winners must emigrate to take up European Research Council awards, despite Horizon Europe deal
One-third of Irish IT leaders plan to emigrate
UK: Arrests during factory immigration raids
UK: Net migration package delivered as family visa tightened
Launch of the Council of Europe package of measures in response to the refugee influx in Armenia
Thailand: Halt Forced Returns to Myanmar

April 12
Immigrants in Maine Are Filling a Labor Gap. It May Be a Prelude for the U.S.
Immigrants are not the problem. Don’t believe the propaganda.
Guidelines to Protect Migrants in Countries Experiencing Conflict or Natural Disaster
Depopulation Blues: How Immigration Can Counter Emigration in the Balkans
Tunisia: 12.764 migrants intercepted and 407 departures prevented by the National Guard since the beginning of the year
South Africa: Amendments Overhauling Immigration System Implemented
UNHCR promotes the inclusion of Roma refugees in countries of asylum
AIDA Country Report on Bulgaria – 2023 Update

April 13
1873 April 13: Colfax massacre, US
Governor signs bill requiring police to report illegal immigrants
Venezuelans living abroad want to vote for president this year but can’t meet absentee requirements
VOA immigration weekly recap, April 7-13, 2024

April 14
Hong Kong schools lost 4,600 pupils in last academic year, a nearly 90% drop compared with 2021-22 as emigration wave subsided
A controversial Texas law has become a blueprint for other states. Immigrant communities are worried