Sometimes Migration Is Lethal

March 25
UK: Say one thing, do another? The government’s record rise in net migration
UK: Dissatisfaction with government on immigration at highest level since 2015
Putin’s Emigration Dilemmas Since the Invasion of Ukraine
Workers in Portugal are increasingly holding down multiple jobs or leaving the country altogether as digital nomad pile-on adds to cost-of-living pressures
US: Speaker Johnson fires back at Mexico’s president, rips ‘widespread emigration out of his country’
Brazil: Church’s experience strengthens migration policies
US Adds 12,000 Special Immigrant Visas for Afghans; Advocates Say More Needed
Immigrants continue to make America great
Why Ukraine’s refugees aren’t going to France
US funding cut harms Palestinian refugees: UN agency

March 26
Europe’s boomtowns warn that far-right anti-immigration policies will stunt growth
UK House of Commons Library: Migration statistics
Conflict Drives Displacement Amidst Rising Climate Shocks: New Africa Migration Report 
UN report charts lethal cost of migration over past decade
Migrant transfers from Paris ahead of Olympics anger local mayors
Migrant deaths soar as conflict forces more to flee
One in Three Migrant Deaths Occurs En route While Fleeing Conflict: IOM Report
What drives demand for migrant and refugee smuggling in Southeast Asia?
Nigeria to build 675ha “Diaspora City” for citizens living abroad

March 27
Malaysia: Special Select Committee recommends body cameras for immigration personnel
EU received 5.1 million immigrants in 2022
South Africans working abroad urged to sort out taxes amid rising emigration
Tunisia’s Transformation Into a Transit Hub: Illegal Migration and Policy Dilemmas
More than half of Europeans disapprove of EU migration policy
The EU’s new plan to address irregular migration
Why EU information campaigns are failing to deter migrants from leaving
Irish service that reconnects Irish emigrants with families “inundated” since launch
Refugees in Jordan: a data-driven approach for change
India says new law saves persecuted refugees. Rohingya ask ‘Why not us?’

March 28
Crown World Mobility: Immigration weekly update: March 28, 2024
What Is Canada’s Immigration Policy?
America: The true face of immigration
By sponsoring coups in the Sahel, Russia has acquired a new hold on Europe: emigration
A Decade of Deaths and Disappearances During Migration Worldwide
Impact of Discrimination on Integration of Emigrants From Aggressor Country: Evidence from a Panel Survey of Russian Migrants (with Ivetta Sergeeva)
Becoming Active Agents Through Practices of Volunteering: Immigrants’ Experiences in Rural Germany
New $1.4 billion plan to support South Sudanese refugees
UNHCR and partners urge renewed support for South Sudanese refugees with new funding appeal
On UNRWA, Palestine Refugees, and International Law

March 29
Chinese arrested for brokering illegal emigration of 20 Vietnamese
Balkan Route: Migrants Risk Tranquiliser Addictions ― Frontex Triples Staff at Bulgaria-Türkiye Border Ahead of Schengen Expansion ― Refugees in Serbia Endure Violence & Harassment ― Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Greenlight for Accession Talks Amid Reports of Violence Along Border with Croatia ― Decrease in Irregular Crossings Via Western Balkan Route
Georgia: President Criticizes MFA for Declining to Streamline Emigrant Voting
Many Americans say immigrants contribute to economy but there’s worry over risks, AP-NORC poll finds

March 30
VOA Immigration Weekly Recap, March 24-30, 2024
Emigration Minister urges Egyptian surgeons abroad to offer experience to Alnas Hospital
Ireland: Emigrants’ letters tell tales of love, longing and loss
How African Immigrants Have Revived a Remote Corner of Quebec

March 31
Migrants under pressure: Tajiks face the consequences of terrorist attacks in Russia
Haunting voices of Maltese emigrants inspired new music

April: Hmong Heritage Month
1805 April 2: Children’s Book Day/Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday