Mixed Views from Indefinite to Nowhere

Hundreds leave to join Mexico migrant caravan headed for US
Italy to build sea migrant reception centres in Albania
From a nation of emigrants, Ireland now working hard to host refugees
Those forgotten Irish emigrants who became our Nowhere People

Tunisia could expand mobility schemes to facilitate regular emigration
Taiwan denies emigration rising due to war fears
Italy-Albania migration deal must comply with EU and international law, says Brussels
UNHCR: Transfer arrangements of asylum seekers and refugees must respect international refugee law
Italy: Deal to detain refugees and migrants offshore in Albania ‘illegal and unworkable’

The Government of Canada funds research on Francophone immigration
IACHR Launches “Migrants and Refugees from Venezuela”, a New Report
Meeting with emigrants to boost their participation in Cuban economy
Unlawful, unconstitutional to detain immigrants indefinitely: Australian High Court
Toronto to ask federal defence minister to open armouries to shelter refugee claimants

1938 November 9: Kristallnacht
Canada no longer an immigration heaven as more people choose against staying in the country
Canada – Upcoming Immigration Plan
Senegal: President orders emergency measures to combat illegal emigration
Senegal unveils a program to prevent its citizens from migrating illegally
Overfishing off West Africa hits livelihoods, fuelling emigration
Gaza war drives new wave of academic emigration
Italy-Albania migration deal highlights flaws of EU migration pact
Germany’s never-ending migration crisis
UK top court to give ruling on Rwanda migrant plan next week
India: Protector of Emigrants seeks action against firm for job fraud
The Graphic Truth: Where immigrants to US & Canada come from
NSW dumps $2m ‘wellbeing’ survey that asked if immigrants were taking Australian jobs

Italy’s new migration deal with Albania draws mixed views
Is it time to turn down the volume on the migration debate?
UK supreme court to rule on controversial asylum policy sending migrants to Rwanda
Visa-free travel for Africans: why Kenya and Rwanda have taken a step in the right direction
Ukraine Refugee Response in Neighboring Countries
Suitcase appeal after ‘cruel’ refugee hotel closure

1620 November 11: Mayflower sails from England to America
Biden campaign slams ‘extreme’ and ‘racist’ Trump immigration plans
Trump plots mass detention and deportation of undocumented immigrants should he regain power
Hundreds of Finns emigrate to Norway every year
Labour’s tax plans spark exodus of wealthy Britons to Florida
Maryland-based immigrant rights group scrambles to save political, financial support

Who are the 500,000 immigrants headed to Canada? A look at the numbers
South Africa Unveils Proposals for Major Immigration Overhaul
How immigration has benefitted Canadian sectors
SA: minister Motsoaledi releases white paper on immigration, refugee protection
Motsoaledi proposes biggest overhaul of SA’s immigration laws in a generation
Dutch election candidates make migration a key campaign issue in the crowded Netherlands
Australia foreign minister touts Tuvalu security, migration pact
SA: White Paper set to overhaul migration system, says Motsoaledi
Migrants are showing up at the U.S. Southern border in historic numbers. Here’s why
Migration for employment continues in tribal-dominated Jhabua, MP; BJP and Congress pass the blame
Across the globe, compassion for migrants has given way to cruel, performative politics
Migrants flown to Chicago by Catholic Charities in San Antonio, even with winter approaching and no place to sleep
The American nightmare for South African emigrants
One Million Zimbos Return Home
Donald Trump Is Reportedly Planning an Anti-Immigrant “Blitz”
Trump plans sweeping undocumented immigrant roundups, detention camps, New York Times reports
‘A real hell’: The climate refugees of Libya’s floods and regional strife
In Gaza, fleeing refugees face hunger and disease: ‘We are in the Dark Ages’