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The Immigration Conundrum
States see influx of migrants from India, Venezuela and China

Background to the Irish Refugee Protection Programme
UK: Refugee Employability Programme: policy statement
Tax advice for those planning to emigrate

Jordan, Lebanon warn of severity of Syrian refugee crisis
Measuring what makes a ‘good life’ in exile
Funding woes continue to plague UN Palestine refugee agency
Israeli Export Ban Piled Economic Misery on Palestinians of Gaza, as Youths increase Emigration
Playing field not level when it comes to emigration
Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio May Be Subject To Departure Tax
US: New Data: Immigrant Population Is 2 Million Below 2017 Census Projections

Despite Challenges, Afghan Refugee Students in the US Are Thriving
Nova Scotia expands immigration program in bid to fill pharmacy, paramedic jobs
US: Rebound in Immigration Comes to Economy’s Aid
Over 60 Mass. lawmakers pen letter to Congress urging immigration reform
Immigration Project welcomes new work protections for some migrants, but calls it a piecemeal approach
Immigration Restrictions Prevent Mutually Beneficial Exchange
From welcoming refugees to the crisis in Lampedusa, six years of French immigration policy
Pakistan Sees a Surge in Emigration for Overseas Employment in a Month
One Day on the Border: 8,900 Migrants Arrested, and More on the Way
Chicago Advocates Want Feds To Grant Work Permits To All Immigrants
Big majorities of Americans say the political system stinks. Will immigrants and young people change it?
Jackson immigrants will soon have more access to legal help

‘Walk a Mile in My Shoes’: participants go through refugee border crossing simulation
Slow-Boil Refugee Crisis Takes Its Toll Even in Germany
Prioritizing school enrolments for Ukraine refugee children in Moldova, Poland and Romania
The Permanent Migration Crisis
Brussels, my love? Déjà vu – Europe’s migration muddle
Illegal Migration to Greece Surges, Sparking Measures to Shield Borders
Pope calls for pan-European action on migration to avoid ‘sea of death’
No ‘sea of death’: Pope calls for pan-European action on migration
Volunteers say buses of migrants arriving in Chicago at increased rate
For Migrants in New York Shelters, 60-Day Limit Creates More Confusion
Mexico makes agreement with US to deport migrants from its border cities amid ongoing surge in illegal migration
Latest wave of migrants at US-Mexico border puts Biden under renewed pressure
Pope Francis says migrants ‘do not invade’ Europe in Marseille speech
Pope Francis Says Europe Doesn’t Have a Migrant Emergency
Pope Francis says migration is a reality in call for action during France visit
Lampedusa: Inside the camp at the heart of Europe’s migrant surge
Calls to attract Madeiran and Azorean emigrants back
Portugal: Remittances from emigrants falls
Police warn South Africans against ‘harbouring illegal immigrants’
America needs an infusion of optimism and grit. That’s what immigrants bring
Canada’s welcoming attitude toward immigrants is at risk of fraying
Immigrants, both legal and illegal, now comprise 13.9% of US population

Immigration laws need stability, says adviser group
Costa Rica president to visit Panama amid migration crisis
Suella Braverman, UK interior minister, to raise ‘unsustainable’ migration pressures during U.S. visit
El Paso, Texas ‘at a breaking point’ amid jump in migration, mayor says

September 26: European Day of Languages
October 1 – 7: Banned Books Week