Hostility Awaits

Part Four: The End of the Line

“Opposition and emigration are two sets that do not intersect.” Interview with Viktor Vorobyov, Russia’s first “foreign agent” lawmaker
South Africa: Thinking about emigrating? Here’s what you need to know about financial emigration
U.S. attracts more HNWIs than it loses to emigration
Meetings of Croatian emigrants from five continents concludes in Dubrovnik
Channel migrants: More than 600 people cross in one day
Libya: UN “concerned by inhuman treatment” of migrants
U.S. extends temporary legal status for over 300,000 immigrants that Trump sought to end

DHS Denies the Heritage Foundation’s Request to Release Prince Harry’s Immigration Documents
UK Rights Activists Condemn Push to Classify Albania as ‘Safe’
Why East Tennessee should welcome immigrants
US: A More Coherent Refugee Policy

Afghans arrive at the south border of the U.S. to find immigration system challenges
Mass emigration is leaving huge gaps in Africa’s health sector
Japa syndrome: Reps reject motion to stop emigration of young Nigerians
Goldsmith’s emigration story recalled at festival
IOM Yemen Quarterly Migration Overview
Migration Health 2022 Impact Overview
Migration made cities – and still does
Los Angeles nonprofits assist as Texas sends dozens of migrants to California by bus
Study Upbeat on Immigrants in World’s Richest Nations
US: Jayapal, Hirono, Cárdenas Introduce Bicameral Legislation to Expand Public Benefits to Immigrants

Finland’s new government announces ‘paradigm shift’ with immigration crackdown
Ireland: Varadkar says Donegal no longer suffering mass emigration after being challenged by McDonald
Remittances Remain Resilient but are Slowing (June 2023)
Rabat Declaration adopted to improve refugee and migrant health
Poland ‘rejects masses of migrants’ to EU, cites human trafficking
India’s emigrants have outsized power in the world—and back home
From England to Australia: Life for a real Ten Pound Pom
Canada’s population reaches 40 million: Statistics Canada
Immigrants come to Australia looking to make a home. The current migration system gets in their way

4th The Nation and Emigration Conference: resuming dialogue in a different Cuba (I)
The Observer view on the Greek migrant boat tragedy: the west must admit responsibility
Canada top court upholds migrant pact with the US
What Florida officials asked migrants to sign before boarding Sacramento flights
Cuban emigrants ratified in Venezuela commitment to the homeland
Sudan Emergency: Regional Refugee Response Plan

Progressing Towards ECOVISA Implementation: ECOWAS Experts and Heads of Immigration Engage in Deliberations
What Emma Lazarus Got Wrong About Immigration
Canada: Blaming immigration for the country’s housing crisis disguises the real problem, analysts say
Florida immigration advocacy groups are pushing back against DeSantis’ border policies
Canada expands Francophone Mobility Program to attract French-speaking immigrants
Ghana: Migration stakeholders call for policies to enhance migration aspirations of youth
Spanish NGO Assists Migrants From Eritrea, Libya and Sudan
What happens when you read an article about climate migration?
US plan keeps migrants waiting farther from border
Malta: PM calls for fresh international efforts to combat migration
For many migrants being bused from New York City to other towns, hostility awaits.
Breaking borders: an interview with Sarli Nana of Migrants Organise
New law is pushing South Florida’s indigenous Guatemalan immigrants to flee – again
World Refugee Day 2023: Support for the principle of refuge remains high despite a decline since 2022
Pakistan arrests suspected traffickers after refugee boat tragedy
Pakistanis ‘were forced below deck’ on refugee boat in Greece disaster
Lords must hold UK to its international obligations to refugees

June 20: World Refugee Day
World Refugee Day 2023 in the WHO European Region: health inclusion and solutions for refugees and host communities