A Way Out, The Disappearing, New Lives

September 26: European Day of Languages
Russians flee to Georgia after Putin’s mobilisation order
Cyprus seeks UN help to stem asylum-seeker ‘avalanche’
‘I’m no cannon fodder’: Russians flee to Georgia

Exiled to Latvia, Russian free media defy Kremlin
Lithuania dismantles migrant camps as foreigners head West
Ukrainians in Germany oppose asylum for Russian deserters
Russians taken off train to Belarus due to call-up
White House: U.S. welcomes Russians seeking asylum
Over 194,000 Russians flee call-up to neighboring countries
‘Don’t leave me’: Survivor recounts Lebanon boat sinking
Mongolia under pressure as Russians flee to evade Ukraine mobilisation
Number of Russians entering EU jumps 30% in a week, border agency says
The mayor of Dubrovnik supports Croatian emigrants and project “Kravata”

Spalding Lithuanian School opens its doors
Denmark unveil World Cup ‘protest’ kits criticising Qatar’s human rights record
Ukrainians flee from Russian annexation – while they still can
Austria to launch checks at Slovak border to stop migrants
North Ossetia Imposes Limits On Incoming Cars As Line Grows At Region’s Border Crossing With Georgia
The disappearing Bulgarians: despair as young leave
Belgrade’s Russian Émigrés Grapple With New Lives In Serbia, The Ukraine War, And What Comes Next
US: Feds want psychological tests for parents of separated kids
Moscow tries to draft fleeing Russian men at the borders
In the worst scenario, up to 5 million more citizens may leave Ukraine
Migration and Refugees : Poland fact-finding mission
Migration and Refugees : Republic of Moldova fact-finding mission
Middle-class South Africans are looking for a way out
Biden maintains US target for refugee admissions at 125,000

With the ban on Russians’ travel in place, 9 896 Russians enter Lithuania during the first week
Russians not letting Ukrainian refugees from occupied territories into Latvia
A safe space for Ukraine’s refugees in Romania
Hundreds of kids from east Ukraine stranded in Russian camps
Switzerland & Austria Agree on an Action Plan to Curb Illegal Migration
Austria to Introduce New Changes to Red-White-Red Card on October 1
Austria, Slovakia look to border controls to stop migrant flows
While Ukrainian refugees accepted, new fears in Central Europe over Middle Eastern migrants
US: Jayapal Leads Lawmakers in Calling on DHS to Protect Immigrant Workers’ Rights in the Workplace
Take a yoga class surrounded by immersive art in NYC’s Hall des Lumières
Glen Huntly Pioneers Memorial, St. Kilda Cemetery, St Kilda East, Australia
For Iraq’s displaced Yazidis, the genocide is ongoing
UK: Experts cast doubt on Truss’s immigration visa review
Thousands of Cubans in Pipeline of US Cuban Family Reunification Parole Program
Rohingya Seek Reparations from Facebook for Role in Massacre
Thousands of Congolese Refugees Return Home From Exile
Ter Apel: Refugee Crisis or Xenophobia?

EIB provides building in Luxembourg for new school for refugees, including from Ukraine
Cape Breton’s international community steps up to feed displaced people
Russians of Lithuanian origin flee Kaliningrad for fear of mobilisation
184 undocumented migrants living in Malta deported
Italy orders merchant ship to rescue 33 people after Malta’s refusal
Albanian Asylum Requests Double in EU During 2022
‘I was back home’: Born in refugee camp, Lithuanian artist recalls first visit to homeland
Refugees in Germany: Municipalities are at their limit
US, 2022 Midterms: Top 10 Most Anti-Immigrant Candidates
Governor Hochul Announces Launch of New York State’s Institute for Immigration Integration Research & Policy
UK: Over 500 criminals and immigration offenders removed
US: Immigrants Increasingly Sucked Into Bureaucratic ‘Black Hole’
Romanian film review – Man and Dog & Bucharest International Experimental Film Fest
Committee on the Rights of Migrant Workers Closes Thirty-Fifth Session
Don’t Leave Migrant Ministry to the Border
Suspects in migrant shooting went to a meeting after firing fatal shots, police report says
Why has the Balkan migrant route become more active again?
New York’s Invisible Migrant Crisis
Europe Strains Under Fresh Migration Challenge
Ireland: A new generation emigration: Why so many young people no longer see a reason to stay here
Ireland, Nadine O’Regan: For young people struggling here, emigration is again becoming a very real prospect
Australia-New Zealand refugee deal: UN blames mental health toll after just 36 people take up offer
Refugees want a real say in decisions shaping their lives: here’s how that could happen…

October: Black History Month, Europe
How an Immigrant Rights Leader Spends His Sundays
ReadMHK explores refugee, immigrant experience through books
Brooklyn: Hundreds of asylum seekers attend immigrant resource fair
Volcano Korean BBQ among four local restaurants Chinese emigrants have opened in shuttered Chattanooga eateries
Asia’s captive market for migrant labour
Emigration hastens skills, tax drain
Preview: The Migrant Priest

UK minister hints immigration policy change: What it means for Indians, students
US: Immigrant flights into Orange County Airport remain a mystery
Meet Manhattan’s First Permanent Immersive Art Experience
Spain: 4 bodies retrieved from migrant boat, 1 man rescued
DeSantis’s migrant flights could cost him Latino support at home
Mayor Nirenberg: Until Congress acts on immigration, ‘we’re going to need’ a migrant resource center
Migration becomes a trending topic at New York Fashion Week
UK interior minister Braverman says Britain has ‘too many low-skilled’ migrants
Follow favorite backyard birds around the world with new migration app
Emigration minister offering banking services to Egyptian expats
Immigration and identity shape election in French-speaking Quebec
Why Quebec’s election turned into a slugfest over immigration
Better immigration laws could benefit Ohio; political stunts, fear must be put aside
A rational immigration policy is possible
Changes to Portugal’s rules on immigration come into force next month
IGAD and ANE Launch Joint Refugee Solutions Project
How Columbus refugee resettlement agencies have navigated recent rocky years
Being a refugee in Sri Lanka amid a biting economic downturn