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US National Native American Heritage Month
1981 November 1: Antigua and Barbuda Independence Day
1984 November 1: Anti-Sikh Riots
Belarusians hold ‘Dzyady’ commemorative action in Kyiv
Dzyady in Warsaw: Belarusian diaspora stages march in memory of repressed
African players in Europe: Proud Zaha, outrageous Khazri
Poland’s most-watched news programme uses Netflix series to call refugees criminals
Migrant dies, others captured trying to swim around border fence into U.S.
Canadian snowbirds gear up for reopening of US land borders
Migrant caravan limps north through Mexico, despite dengue and exhaustion
Are Arab Americans people of color? Mayor vote raises issue
Filipino migrants are agents of change
Lawmakers Urge Boost in Uyghur Refugee Admissions
I lived with my teacher’s parents after moving to the UK alone at 15
Ulsterwomen find perfect mix of city and country on Isle of Man
Belarusian protesters continue to be detained in Russia
“Little Damascus” in the Center of Minsk
North Carolina Prepping to Receive Afghan Evacuees
Norse Settlement Changed Wildfire Patterns In Iceland
Indian-Tibetan Aftab Pureval elected Mayor of US city in Ohio
Rohingya refugees restore depleted forest in Bangladesh
Not underrepresented enough? Hmong American scholar denied fellowship opportunity
‘AHmong Us’ encourages Hmong students to go into the medical field
Irish Abroad: Do you hope to visit Ireland this Christmas?
Wu, Pureval mayoral wins mark milestone for Asian Americans
Belarusian tech firms find new home in Lithuania
Mali seeking French former hostage who returned without visa
Belarus’ opposition leader on fighting the Lukashenko regime from exile
Roma punished for racist, insulting chants at Kessie, Zlatan
Nausėda invites UK’s Boris Johnson to visit his ancestors’ land in Lithuania
Two brothers of Uyghur in exile detained for calling ‘separatist’ sibling abroad
Human rights group pulls hijab campaign tweets after backlash in France
Watchdogs Call On Turkey To Halt Deportations To Turkmenistan, Citing ‘Grave Risk Of Persecution’
1903 November 3: Panama Independence Day
1978 November 3: Dominica Independence Day
Over 200 Nigerian, Niger migrants voluntarily return home from Libya
Lithuania starts building first European wall to ward off migrants from Belarus
Former French hostage in Mali defends her actions
Polish Defense Ministry: Belarusian Military Threatened to Open Fire on Polish Soldiers
Some Migrants Searching For A Better Life End Up In Serbian Graves
Belarusians picket Interpol office in Warsaw
How Cross-Border Crime Ensnares and Endangers Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh
One migrant dies in train accident in northern France
Migrants injured after clashes with National Guard troops in southern Mexico
November 5: International Romani Language Day
Hong Kong activist presents ‘Freedom’ book in UK
Pakistani Hazara refugee in NC cannot escape the images of trauma from a land he fled years ago
Thousands Attend Return Of Sikh Festival In Yuba City
Mdou Moctar Talks Building His Own Guitar, Niger, and Love Songs on ‘The First Time’
Afghan family searching for baby who went missing amid US evacuation
Deadly week for migrants on French coast; at least 3 killed
First Black US Secretary of State Laid to Rest
Almost half of journalists in Hong Kong media group considering leaving the city over curbed press freedoms: survey
Fear Stalks Rohingya Refugee Camps After Murders
‘Blood has no race’: Calgary’s Sikh community holds annual blood drive
Need for an integration policy
British Sikh Army officer aims to be first woman of color to ski solo to South Pole
The plight of migrants trapped between Poland and Belarus Access to the comments
German rescue boat stuck in Mediterranean with 800 migrants
Chinese crackdown on Uyghurs in Xinjiang is being felt abroa ..
Sindhi refugees who turned Pimpri into their home and then a trading hub
On Poland’s Border With Belarus, A Syrian Refugee’s Desperate Battle To Save His Family
Russian activist finds refuge in Lithuania after 10 years of prison and torture
Lithuanian human trafficking victims: from beatings to murders
Migrants beaten by Belarusian border guards
Text Messages Accusing Migrants Of Spreading COVID-19 Sent Via Cosmos TV
Migrants Rallying In Minsk?
On the frozen frontiers of Europe with the migrants caught in a lethal game
Texas Border City Hopes to Rebound as International Bridges Reopen
Canada’s Refugee Sponsorship Program Offers Model for US
Nicaraguan exiles sink roots in Costa Rica as Ortega set for re-election
German Rescue Boat with 800 Migrants Reaches Sicilian Port
Spurred by reopening, more migrants head for U.S.-Mexico border
1922 November 7: International Inuit Day
1938 November 9: Kristallnacht
1953 November 9: Cambodia Independence Day
1989 November 9: Fall of the Berlin Wall
2014 November 9: Catalan self-determination referendum