2017 3 26

This edition was completely destroyed during publishing. The entire file turned into some hieroglyphs. Only part of the document survived in an intermediate form in an application where it wasn’t even saved.

Invitation: Global compact on migration: Accreditation for Preparatory Process

March 25: Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade


Qualified architects leaving Jamaica

Lithuanian Prime Minister sees no fast solutions to migration problem

Kuwait lawyer seeks ban on expat drivers

Six Years Of War: Syrian Refugee Children In Lebanon

White man shouts ‘go back to Lebanon’ to Sikh-American girl

Former BNP leader Nick Griffin is ‘moving to Hungary’

‘Americans of color have different experiences in Switzerland’

US judge grants asylum to teenage blogger from Singapore

Syrian Refugees Coming Home to Armenia

Here’s where Sweden’s new citizens came from in 2016

Nigel Farage faces Ofcom investigation after calling Sweden ‘the rape capital of Europe’ during radio show

EU roadmap for Libya to stem flow of sea migrants

What does “Home” mean after 74 genocides? Interview with a Yazidi refugee

Free movement could break up the EU – Czech foreign minister

Austria doubles migrants’ repatriation payment to 1,000 euro

Ukrainian journalists detained in Moscow with student beaten for Ukrainian flag

Flag raised at Binghamton City Hall to celebrate Kurdish New Year

A Glimpse Into Moscow’s Little Kyrgyzstan

Why Eritreans Opt for Risky Exodus to Ethiopia

Polish PM links London attack to EU migration policy

Italy steps up investigation into charity-funded migrant rescue boats

Mediterranean interior ministers meet to discuss migration flows

Tensions between Berlin and Ankara threaten EU-Turkey migrant deal

EU migrant deal with Turkey has turned Greek islands into open-air prisons

Pope: ‘current migration crisis greatest tragedy after WW2’

Stephen Jardine: No home-grown replacements for migrant labour

ASB predicts migration will stay strong for the next three years, sending NZ population to 5 million

Mediterranean Migrant Arrivals Reach 25,170, Deaths: 559

Estonia has 1.3 million people: Here’s how it plans to get 10 million e-residents by 2025

Candles lit across Estonia in honor of March 1949 deportations

Guernica – when the Basque child refugees arrived in Montrose

Blue plaque to remember Basque refugees housed in Lancing

Basques to descend on Buffalo

How the refugee crisis is dealing another blow to Europe’s Roma

Yuri Yunakov to Headline 20th Anniversary Herdeljezi Romani Music Festival

Newport arts project fuses Welsh and Romani cultures

NAKA prosecutes MP Mazurek for anti-Roma statements

Thirsting for justice: Roma and the human rights to water and sanitation

Documentary exposes racism against Hungarian Roma

Roma fear there is no place for them as Romania’s cities modernize

Discrimination against Roma in education: waiting for changes on the ground

Slovenia: More should be done to ensure that Roma, migrants and those in poverty are not left behind

Declaration against anti-Gypsyism: the Congress calls on local and regional authorities to take a stand

Tibetan NGO Organizes Exhibition to Highlight Tibet’s Past Independence Status

Tibetan Women’s Soccer Team Denied U.S. Visas to Attend Tournament Will Host Its Own

Candles lit across Estonia in honor of March 1949 deportations

March 25 in Latvia: a day of double significance

March 25–28, 1949, Operation Priboi: Soviet Mass Deportation from the Baltic States

Hmong: Newspapers Apologise after Falsely Accusing Two Girls of Theft

Assyria: Documentary on Genocide to Be Screened in Cyprus

Exiled Yahya Jammeh works on Equatorial Guinea farm ‘for the cameras’

1.6 million people flee South Sudan in the past 8 months – UN