2017 02 05

A Story Of Crisis And Resilience, Told Through Music

UK government downplayed Eritrea human rights abuses to avoid accepting refugees

Scores of migrants rescued off Libya

US travel ban and Africa’s refugee friendliness

Immigration to Europe from Africa likely to rise in spring

Migrant crisis: EU summit in Malta seeks resolution with Libya

NGOs and rights bodies criticize E.U’s immigration plan

German Foreign Min cites torture, executions in Libyan migrant camps: report

I left Ireland on a career break in 1989, never to return to live

Life to be made easier for highly-qualified guest workers

Polish deputy PM urges Poles to ditch Brexit Britain and return HOME for a BETTER life

Home Affairs Committee hears of asylum seekers ‘living in rat infested homes’

The Gambia: The journalist who found refuge from torture in Scotland on why he’s ready to return home

Project Exile: Azeri journalist fled after warning

Mexico’s missing daughters

This citizenship vote is about people like Iva

Banned Swiss-based scientist arrives in US

What does it mean to be a gypsy?

Why 500 ‘Kung Fu Nuns’ are cycling across the Himalayas

Tibetan Artist Undertakes Major Project On Difficulties and Challenges Confronted by Early Tibetan Exiles

Overwhelmed KRG warns of ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ as forces gear up for W.Mosul

Austria announces it will ban Islamic veils and force migrants to sign ‘integration contracts’

Concern over spate of deaths in Greek refugee camps

Josh Brown: America has a long history of treating immigrants like ‘human garbage’

Somaliland: Students Victim of US Policy Banning Citizens from 7 Countries

Niger’s migrant smuggling hub empties after EU crackdown

Labour migration increasing at accelerating pace: Eco Survey

Another Pinay killed in Kuwait as deployment ban looms

Moldova may grant citizenship to millionaires

Serbia introduces lockdown for migrants in Belgrade center

‘King of the Gypsies’ wants to help President Trump build Mexico wall

Italy pledges Africa 200 million Euros to curb migrant flow

Poverty, injustice still drive migration from Guatemala

Project Exile: Eritrean state media reporter turns critic – Global Journalist

Roma Women Taking Center Stage in Spain’s Theater Scene

Syria-born doctor finds comfort in aiding migrants in Serbia

Stock up on sweets – it’s ‘Liichtmëssdag’ in Luxembourg

‘Kids at risk’: Rights groups protest EU Libya migrant plan

Anti-migrant legislation is “deporting the heart of America”