2016 12 11 Sunday

Scotland Back in the Day: Loyalties of Scots were divided in America’s revolution

The Irish served bravely for the Union in the American Civil War

The Cornish in Latin America: ‘Cousin Jack’ and the New World

Pregnant asylum seekers in Scotland face destitution and raising their babies in filthy homes

Tibetan, Uyghur and Chinese protesters in Trafalgar Square, London

Founder of anti-immigrant website suspected of 46 offenses in Finland claims he is now in Russia

Finn Fadumo Dayib withdraws candidacy from Somali presidential race

Immigration agency becomes ‘one-stop shop’

Migration is about the prosperity of all people

States with high levels of migration also have higher per capita incomes

Migrant sex attack fears on New Years Eve force German cops to scour social media for details of organised attacks

Census migration totals reveal surprising arrivals in Connecticut

Migrant labour force in Coimbatore faces brunt of demonetisation

Government to Improve Cooperation with Croats Living Abroad

Croatia Among EU Countries With Large Surplus in Foreign Remittances

From Washington, influencing Ethiopia’s politics

Thousands of Haitians seek refuge in Mexico

Taiwan is trending, and L.A.’s Taiwanese community has mixed feelings about it

Coming Soon: The Next Big Clue to the Future of US-Taiwan Relations

Libya: a dead-end for migrants

‘Greatness comes from everywhere’

Do strict citizenship laws help or hurt integration?

Serbian attitudes harden as migrants gather once again

Human rights violations in Tibet high, government-in-exile says

Tibetan refugees observe World Human Rights Day

Vile Czech trafficker who fled Briton after forcing girls into prostitution caught

Kuwait offers ‘illegal’ workers amnesty

Chechen Whistle-Blower Appeals To Russian Investigators Over Threats By Local Authorities

Direct Action For A Human Right To Migrate

Italy, Greece face off against easterners in EU migration feud

UK farms face labour shortage as migrant workers pick elsewhere

Literacy drive to target migrant labourers

Analysis of climate induced migration, protection gaps and need for solidarity in South Asia

Climate change migration critical

Canadian doctor on highs and lows of migrant rescue work

I am not an expat. I’m an Irish millennial economic migrant

The Migration Dilemma: Stay or leave

Irish Diaspora 2017 Presidential Awards winners

Kurdistan has taken in 2.5 million Arab refugees since 2011

21 UK residents get Jamaican citizenship

Lebanon: Schools in Palestinian camp reopen after gun battles

Italy Opposition Looks to Exploit Migrant Crisis After PM Resignation

The Migration Dilemma: Helping returnees in Niger

EU’s migration policy in Africa: five ways forward

Bangladesh: Improve Protections for Migrant Domestic Workers

FIFA facing legal action over Qatar’s migrant workers

Lebanon takes first step to abolish marriage rape law

Austria’s new president is the Green, not the populist

Oromo: Refugees Protest Being Denied Asylum in Egypt

Erbil hosts global film festival about migration

Myanmar stops migrant workers going to Malaysia after Rohingya row

Video: ‘Migrant’ kicks young woman down flight of stairs

Not being Danish is not an issue for me, says Lego’s incoming CEO

Migrants in Greece Drop Off Grid

Five Afghan teenagers are arrested after a boy is gang-raped at knifepoint for more than an hour in a forest in Sweden

Moldova: a country being emptied of its inhabitants

Large Syrian Refugee Population in Lebanon Sparks Social Tensions

Migration takes center stage after IOM joins the UN

Migration Data Catalogue and Dynamic Data Hub – EU migration data at a glance

UK Start-Up Targets Underserved Migrant Market

U.N. refugee chief warns EU against carrot-and-stick approach to migration