2016 11 15 Tuesday

Lithuania’s new parliament: Tackling emigration will be a key priority for the country’s new MPs

Wife-beaters to be prevented from bringing back new partners from abroad

Missing Chechen Whistle-Blower Flees Chechnya

‘Us versus them’: Programs mend strained relations between Indigenous, newcomer communities

Forced Out Of Crimea, Tatar Restaurant Finds Solidarity Among Kiev Diners

Lego ends Daily Mail toy giveaway after protest on migrant coverage

African migration expected to rise due to accelerated climate change

1,400 migrants rescued at sea

Eugenics on the Border: Migrant points system overhaul on the cards

Migration doubles in Chitradurga

100,000 Muslims have fled Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine

Crimean Tatar who sued Putin over annexation ‘deported’ from Russian-occupied Crimea

Fire engulfs Tibetan market in Delhi, over 100 shops gutted down

The effect of migration on foreign direct investment

More than 100 arrests in major international migrant smuggling operation

European Migrant Reckoning

Paris opens its first humanitarian migrant camp

Greenlanders in Denmark: Symptomatic solution

‘More’ jihadis recruited in Belgium than elsewhere in Europe

Western Sahara student in the US petitions UN for help maintaining peace between Morocco and her home country of Western Sahara

‘Gypsy’ crime class raises questions about racial profiling

Muslim teenage girl has her jaw broken by gang of youths who take it in turns to assault her for ‘removing her headscarf’ in Austrian shopping centre

Demonetisation move puts brakes on labour migration

Donald Trump outlines migrant deportation and Mexico wall plan

The social contract on migration

‘Migrant, Refugee, Smuggler, Saviour’ by Peter Tinti and Tuesday Reitano

Sahrawi demonstrators in Paris condemn November 14, 1975 Agreement

Winter Is Coming for Tens of Thousands of Refugees in Greece

Nepal Police Arrests 41 Tibetans From Tibet

China Seizes Tibetans’ Passports in a Bid to Block Travel

Chinese women lured to Austria and forced to sell sex

‘More’ jihadis recruited in Belgium than elsewhere in Europe

Belgium emerges as terror hub

Human Rights Watch Condemns Mistreatment of Muslims in Belgium

Tens of Thousands of Croats Move to Germany

Dependent on migrant dollars, rural Mexico prays for Trump defeat

U.K. and India’s Migration Row Deepens as Modi and May Clash

Migrant focus raises questions over media’s role in Brexit

Migration: Reversing Africa’s exodus

Petar Nizamov: Vigilante ‘migrant hunter’ of Bulgaria

Canadian Jews press government to accept Yazidi refugees

The pros and cons of living in Barcelona as an expat

Thousands in Paris protest Turkey’s Kurdish crackdown

Kurdish protesters clash with London police

For some Syrian women, refugee life proves unexpectedly liberating

Understanding the impact of migration on migrant families

We asked Welsh Americans who they would vote for as election day looms

Bosnia Arrests International Human Trafficking Suspects

Denmark confiscates thousands of euros from asylum seekers