Asset or Assette: Fear for Future

May 27
Number of emigrants leaving the United Kingdom from 4th quarter 1991 to 4th quarter 2023, by citizenship
Rich Koreans more likely to emigrate due to high taxes
Is Algeria Tightening Its Migration Policy?
Small Island Developing States: Harnessing the Potential of Migration for Resilience and Prosperity
Migrants in Central America and Mexico face violence and abuse
Bronze shoes passed through Portal to represent Irish emigrants’ journeys to US during Great Famine
National Spelling Bee reflects the economic success and cultural impact of immigrants from India
Lebanon’s shift from safe haven to hostile country for Syrian refugees
World leaders must commit to protecting Syrian refugees as Lebanon steps up crackdown ahead of Brussels conference

May 28
1830 May 28: Indian Removal Act, US
European elections: Coexistence and immigration at the centre of Sweden public debate
Why Chinese migrants change their names when they emigrate
EU: Frontex and the new Pact on Migration and Asylum
Will the issue of migration decide the EU elections?
The EU Pact on Migration and Asylum: context, challenges and limitations
Opinion – Assessing National and International Responses to Climate-Induced Migration
Nebraska urged to become ‘most welcoming place in America’ for immigrants
Canada: Immigration and ethnocultural diversity statistics
Will the U.S. Government Protect Congolese Immigrants in the United States?
Essential laboratory equipment arrives in Bulgaria as part of a broader project to protect the health of Ukrainian refugees

May 29
Canada: Hours of Operation for Immigration Services Reduced at Pacific Region Border Crossings
How are Ireland’s newest political parties responding to immigration issues?
Migration is a global strategic asset. We must not undermine it
Migration is a global strategic asset. We must not undermine it
As South Africa votes, illegal immigrants fear for future
Immigrants can help with population and labor challenges in Michigan, report finds
UNHCR Greece: Generating Livelihood Opportunities for Refugees – April 2024 (EN/EL)
Funding is needed to support Sudanese refugees in Chad: UNHCR

May 30
Crown World Mobility: Immigration weekly update: May 30, 2024
European Union | Fee increase announced
Immigration, inflation, healthcare and housing a critical focus for Dutch leaders
Emigration from Canada to the U.S. hits a 10-year high as tens of thousands head south
Migration Along the Eastern Corridor, Report 50 | as of 30 April 2024
Italy extends state of emergency over migrant arrivals
The situation of Syrian refugees in the region remains alarming
Refugees and migration: Criticism of Europe’s asylum policy
UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees has ‘not received’ letter from Israel to vacate East Jerusalem: Official

May 31
White House expected to unveil sweeping immigration order
EU vote: Germans worry about peace, security and immigration
Thousands of Polish emigrants are returning after living in Western Europe
Egypt offers Eid Al-Adha sacrificial sukuk in foreign currency for expatriates
Video: Kenyan bus drivers boost German workforce via migration deal
Two more soldiers injured after migrant attacks on the Polish-Belarusian border
Ontario premier suggests immigrants guilty of Jewish school shooting
Greece denies report on migrant resettlement deal with the US
Report: Addressing the Challenges Faced by New Refugees from Myanmar in Thailand
Training Seminar on EU Advocacy

June 1
1969 June: LGBT Pride Month
Kyrgyzstan cracks down on immigration after mob violence in Bishkek
Gërvalla meets the Albanian diaspora in Canada
Report finds immigrants add to Michigan’s population and GDP
Egypt includes refugees and immigrants in the health care system

June 2
1924 June 2: Indian Citizenship Act, US
Why Guatemalan coffee farmers are emigrating

1992 June 3: Mabo Day, Australia