One’s Escape Route Is Another’s Prison

Russian Propagandist: Even Supporters Of Lukasenka Are Pissed Off With “Kurdish-Arab Horde” In Minsk Streets
Kremlin is preparing invasion of Ukraine, intelligence agencies claim
Migrants are freezing to death at Belarus-Poland border
More lives will be lost on Poland-Belarus border without rapid de-escalation and cooperation on all sides
EU Commissioner faults Lukashenka regime for creating migration crisis
Belarus artist Ales Pushkin sent to psychiatric hospital for examination
Latvian authorities brace for the biggest influx of migrants in recent years
Migrants brave dangers to return to Kurdistan from Belarus
Belarusians’ Action “The Regime Has Crossed Borders” in Vilnius
‘Drunk and armed’: Poland publishes video of Belarusian officer asking for cigarettes over border fence
Belarus says it wants EU to take migrants
A one-off or a new trend? Smugglers use luxury boats to bring migrants to Europe
‘Left With Just The Clothes We Were Wearing’: Devastating Flood Made Kyrgyz Man An Environmental Migrant
NASA wants to put nuclear reactors on the Moon to power a future manned base
A ‘Golden Cradle’: The 1990s Exodus From Mongolia To Kazakhstan
Mexican authorities find 600 migrants transported in trailers in Veracruz
Militiamen kill at least 20 at displacement camp in Congo
World Uyghur Congress urges Canada to take refugees, block Chinese imports
Broken dreams of desperate migrants fleeing Africa for the Arabian Peninsula – in pictures
Local Maya Immigrants Seek Services — And Visibility — In Their Indigenous Languages
1943 November 22: Lebanese Independence Day
Born a refugee, Baxtyar Anwar crossed Belarus to die alone in Germany
Arizona standout Gile Bite Starkute putting golf on Lithuania’s map
Estonia is able to deport 90 percent of migrants with failed asylum claims
Afghan evacuee in Lithuania: ‘If you cannot take care of us, let us leave’
Iranian ex-official to testify in Sweden war crimes trial
Since January, More Than 10 000 People Entered Germany Illegally Via “Belarusian Route”
BBC interviews Lukashenka in Minsk amid migrant crisis
Belarus border issue is attempt to destabilise EU – EU executive
Central European nations back Poland in migration dispute
Attacks Of Illegal Migrants And Belarusian Security Forces On Polish Border Become More Aggressive
French delegation calls for ’emergency’ repatriation of children in Syria as winter nears
Racially Charged US Murder Trial Goes to Jury
Human rights activists demand investigation into abuse of migrants in Libya
Iraqi baby buried as death toll in EU-Belarus crisis grows
Canary Islands: More than 400 migrants rescued in Atlantic
Lithuanian Red Cross shares photos of asylum seekers seeing their first-ever snow
Some 15,000 migrants remain in Belarus, Brussels says
Latvian citizen suspected of people smuggling via Lithuania
What next for the refugees stranded between Belarus and Poland?
Qatar detains 2 Norway journalists amid World Cup coverage
Thirty-one migrants perish trying to cross Channel to UK
Cambodian opposition activist held in Thailand faces deportation
Lubaina Himid’s groundbreaking exhibition opens in London
Jury Finds 3 White Men Guilty in Closely Watched US Murder Case
Visas no longer required for Cubans to travel to Nicaragua
Trafficked In, Trafficked Out: Iraqi Kurds Recount Failed Journey To Belarus’s Borders
Migrants in US-bound caravan say they’ll accept deal for Mexican visas
Second Lawyer Working On High Treason Case Flees Russia
Cuba says 1,255 migrants returned to Havana in 2021
German tax collectors continue to target US airman after he returns to America
A Tatar restaurant cooks meals for migrants in Poland’s freezing forests
Thais freed from Chinese ring in Cambodia return home
South Africa says NO to renewal of work permit for 250,000 Zimbabweans
Chinese authorities destroy dome a Uyghur exile built for his hometown in Xinjiang
Equatoria Guinea: Ruling party congress concludes without announcement of presidential candidate
North Korean wives of Chinese men asked to apply for temporary ID cards
Migrant deaths in European waters not new, over 1,600 have died this year
Canada’s Smallest Province Draws Immigrants from Around the World
Italian coastguard rescues hundreds of migrants off Lampedusa island
1975 November 25: Suriname Independence Day
‘How Do You Say That Again?’: The Grief & Guilt Of Language Loss For Second-Gen Immigrants
Planning ‘direct channel’ with China, we’re dying a ‘slow death’: Tibetan govt-in-exile president
Women in Costa Rica Demand Release of Nicaraguan Prisoners
The New Escape Route for Cubans is Called ‘Nicaragua’
Sikh boy, 16, stabbed to death in London
Pope to Help 50 Migrants in Cyprus Relocate to Italy After Trip to Region
Libyan Red Crescent retrieves bodies of 4 migrants
Lithuania says it may close Belarus border crossings over migrant smuggling
Libya: UNHCR says 93 asylum seekers evacuated to Italy
Frontex will stay in Lithuania after current mission ends
French anger after UK PM calls on Paris to ‘take back’ migrants crossing Channel
Lithuania to process all asylum requests next week
Afghan girl from famous cover portrait is evacuated to Italy
Lithuania looks at taking legal action against Lukashenko
Furious Macron scraps UK migrant talks after ‘unacceptable’ letter
Poland calls on NATO to send more forces amid concerns about Russia
Macron tells UK to ‘get serious’ on migrant crisis amid fresh tensions
Finnish government wins confidence vote on border security
Iraqi migrants return home from Belarus, vow to try entering the EU again
Merkel Voices ‘Full Solidarity’ With Poland Over Belarus
Another Navalny Associate Flees Russia, Fearing Arrest
UK, Poland on Same Wavelength Over Belarus, Says Polish PM
‘We need to work’: Hundreds of migrants form new U.S.-bound caravan in Mexico
Lukashenka Comes To Bruzgi To Inspire Migrants To Another Assault
Movie by foreign youths in Japan explores isolation and longing in a different culture
November 26: Remembrance Day for the Victims of Holodomors in Ukraine
Kurdish woman drowned in English Channel attempting to reach fiancé
Hundreds of Kurdish migrants arrive in Erbil from Belarus
Kurdish mother fears son may be among migrants who died in English Channel
SNP Conference: UK treatment of asylum seekers ‘inhumane’
Tartu festival aims to strengthen cultural ties between Estonians and Latvians
‘Cheated, sold and bought’: UN urges Vietnam, Saudis to stop trafficking of workers
Watch again: Global Forum of Estonians Abroad
Austria arrests 15 people suspected of smuggling migrants
‘Go through. Go,’ Lukashenko tells migrants at Polish border
‘They Become Our Family’: US Farming Couple Rescues Afghans
The music of Poland’s smallest minority
Omar Seeks Action Over House Colleague’s Remarks on Muslims
Bengali community in Sweden celebrates Bijoya Sammilani
Kurdish Woman Is First Channel Victim to Be Named: BBC
The King who says thank you to Britain every Christmas
Greece opens two more holding centres for migrants on islands
1912 November 28: Albanian Flag Day/Declaration of Independence
1873 November 28: Hawaiian Independence Day
1960 November 28: Mauritania National Day
1821 November 28: Panama Independence Day
China forcing migration of Uyghur Muslims from Xinjiang
EU border agency plane to be deployed over Channel after migrant deaths
Argentine court to hear Myanmar Rohingya genocide case
Migrants determined to reach UK despite tragedy
Spain’s Canary Islands draw more migrants despite dangers
Berlin: 6000 green lights in solidarity with migrants in Belarus
Israel approves NIS 3 billion plan for Druze, Circassian communities
In French Pantheon, Josephine Baker makes history yet again
‘Never anything more than 20 mins away’ Expat life in one of world’s smallest countries
Camped in Calais, migrants renew resolve to try for England
Food Allowance Of Migrants in Bruzgi Compared With Nutrition Of Belarusian Children In Hospitals
France says it will not be held hostage by British politics on migration
‘You can’t stop the English coming to Wales’, says parent behind petition against school switch to Welsh medium