2016 12 18 International Migrants Day

December 18: International Migrants Day

International migration: Key findings from the U.S., Europe and the world

Safe, regular and orderly migration

IOM: Migrant Deaths Reach New High in 2016

One in five Pacific Islanders would move to Australia under new migration proposal

Global Forum on Migration and Development closes with unanimous agreement on migration treaty

Global Forum on Migration and Development summit ends with agreement on governance of migration

130 nations agree on safe migration

Bangladesh leads on migration discussions

EU: Restore Rights Values to Migration Policy

EU migration policy is cruel and nonsensical

Qatar: Migrant workers still at risk of abuse despite reforms

The State of Migration in Thailand

Scotland Back in the Day: How Andrew Carnegie worked his way up to become the Bill Gates of his day

America’s undocumented Irish who can’t come home for Christmas

Migrants in Libya facing “human rights crisis”

Freight trains searched in Austria after migrants crushed to death

Avon Lake graduate raises awareness about refugees throughout history

Foes of Russia Say Child Pornography Is Planted to Ruin Them

Suspect in murders of Kurdish activists dies in Paris hospital

Kurds in Europe seek support for independence on Kurdish flag day

The Roma homeland that never was

Reflections on the 10th EU Roma platform

French Left and Right unite to evict thousands more Roma onto the streets

Survey shows 80 percent of Roma at risk of poverty

Macedonia’s “queen of Gypsy music” buried in Skopje

Professor confronts persecution faced by Roma people

Roma Union Chair: Fico’s Condemnation of Roma Horrifying

“Light bringers” help Hungary’s impoverished Roma power their homes

Crimean Tatars find new home in Lviv Oblast

Have Russian hitmen been killing with impunity in Turkey?

Turkey and Russian death squads

Arson suspected as deadly fire wrecks Paris migrant workers’ centre

European Union approves projects worth €37 million to tackle migration challenges in North Africa

Luxembourg must stand up for political prisoners

Bosnia’s War-Displaced Families Still Waiting for Electricity

Inside Europe: Latvia’s harrowing past comes to life

Germany arrests suspected Turkish spy for monitoring Kurds

NGO: Norway ‘should be ashamed’ of its refugee approach

Chechens waiting at Europe’s door

Twelve Chechen soldiers dismissed for refusing Syria deployment

Daghestan Authorities Intensify Pressure On Laks To Cede Homes To Former Chechen Deportees

Dozens of Afghans arrived in Kabul from Germany as deportations started

Austria’s social system ‘unaffordable without migration’

EU Offers More Funds to Africa to Curb Migration

EU needs a moral migration policy

EU hails Niger as ‘model’ of migration control

Migrant flow via Niger drops sharply

EU offers 610 million euros to Niger to curb migration

EU mulls roll-out of Africa migration deals

EU, IOM launch joint initiative for migrant protection, reintegration in Africa

First WHO toolkit to strengthen Europe’s health response to migration

France will host 100 Haitian scholars per year

Irish abroad share what excites them most about coming home for Christmas

Chechens waiting at Europe’s door

Eritreans in UK Stage Peace Demonstration

Migration a long journey Asia must make together

This Blockchain App Helps Migrant Workers Safely Send Money Home

Lebanon ‘approaching breaking point’ due to influx of Syrian refugees

Bosnia to Expel Hundreds of Foreign Property Owners Amid Tax Probe

Sweden sentences three men for smuggling in migrants

What Good Does The Global Forum On Migration And Development Do?

Pope sends message to migration and development forum

Italian court issues 18-year sentence to captain in migrant shipwreck

Better Migration Management: Protecting people is the top priority

The inextricable link between migration and sweatshops

Migrant worker union members are being arrested in Lebanon

Exploitation of migrant workers rife in NZ

Ottawa ends ‘4-in-4-out’ rule for migrant workers

Government will start rehabilitation centres for migrant workers

Brexit leaves thousands of British expatriates in Switzerland in limbo

Former Tibetan prisoner shares her experience of torture and human rights abuse in Tibet

Spiritual leader of Tibet and President of India grace child-rights summit