2017 03 05

Special Issue of Nature: Human migration

Migrant rescues off Libya encourage traffickers, says Frontex

Refugee child abuse rampant in Libya: UNICEF

New twist in human trafficking saga as . . .Ex-Kuwait housemaid intimidated, flees court

Austria plans to stop giving food and shelter to rejected asylum seekers

Eight Iraqi migrants guilty of gang raping German tourist in Austria

Austria’s Kurz: Set up refugee camps in N Africa

Erdogan rallies not welcome in Austria

Hungary’s 2nd fence on Serbian border to be built by May 1

Cycle coaching success in Namibia

How exiled Rebels bikie boss Alex Vella now writes poetry and looks after birds in Malta

EU should pay more to return African migrants home from Libya, Malta says

Human dimension of rhino conservation

Poland criticized for returning asylum-seekers to Belarus

Grandmother who has been married to Briton for 27-years is deported to Singapore with just £12 in her pocket

Even in weak market, racial bias trumps profit for many Singapore landlords

Foreign voting & refugees – focus of Luxembourg’s Migration Festival

‘I’m not Greek anymore, I’m English’: EU expats’ post-Brexit fears

Does the diaspora add value to brand Jamaica?

The Brexpert’s Guide: Worker’s rights are safe in the short term, but ‘will be at risk the day after Brexit’

EU Parliament negotiator keen to prioritise deal on foreign citizens’ rights

Norway’s Government-Abducted Children, And Ramifications For Europe

Chinese Consulate Behind University Protest Against Dalai Lama

Man Behind Tibetan Settlement’s First Public Library

Man arrested in Sweden for spying on Tibetan refugees

After wandering 27 years, Tibetan Buddhists find N. Philly home

Roma segregation – Slovakia’s evergreen problem

Roma Join Jews To Turn Budapest Club Into Anti-Government Hub

G*psy Prêt-à-porter: A collection of misuse and misinformation

Czech Republic: Romani-owned business distributes clothing, food and hygiene supplies to the needy in Teplice

French court fines Jean-Marie Le Pen for Roma comment

Bearing witness: how ‘evacuations’ provide the pretext for forced evictions of Roma in France

Ireland finally recognises Traveller ethnicity

Merkel advocates investment to stem migrant flows

Child migrant David Hill tells sex abuse inquiry: ‘Name villains’

London’s 1.8m migrant workers contribute annual average of £46,000

Govt takes note of steps to safeguard migrant rights

A deadly journey for children: The migration route from North Africa to Europe

Why Italy is experiencing a surge in winter migrant arrivals

Homes burned, shops looted in anti-migrant attacks

Nearly 10 anti-migrant attacks a day in Germany

Current migration situation in the EU: Torture, trauma and its possible impact on drug use

London First and PwC lay out the facts of migration and skills in the capital

Indian tech graduates fear America may shut them out

Operation Ezra welcomes more Yazidi newcomers

Yazidi effort is democracy working: Ambrose

Humanitarian aid to Sahrawi refugees: EU should fulfil its commitments

American candidates queued up for Danish jobs

Danish ex-Muslim sets up Facebook group for apostate Muslims

Estonian minister calls for simplifying rules for EU’s cross-border social benefits

Thousands of hungry South Sudan refugees flee to Sudan

Kazakhstan: Memories Of Chechen Exodus Don’t Fade