2016 12 04 Sunday

Iranian migrant shot and wounded in Serbia

UK Ministers pressing for low-skilled migration to continue after Brexit

Afghan migrant, 17, held over rape and murder of university student

Unearthing a historic migration from Kerala to Israel

Egypt refers two officials to court for migrant boat capsizing

Kathmandu: EU seminar to facilitate safer migration in S Asia

Migration: Malta to serve as an ‘honest broker’ in difficult talks on Dublin reform – Abela

Chinese media company eyes Africa’s digital migration

Migrant labourers pack their bags, courtesy demonetisation

Birte Kauffmann gains a rare insight into the Irish Traveller community

Could you pass the Danish citizenship test?

Four new neighbourhoods on Denmark’s inglorious ‘Ghetto List’

Estonia’s e-residents have established more than 1,000 companies in first two years

Refugees in Estonia do not pose threat

Cops swoop on crime gang suspects linked to human trafficking in Latvian community in Scotland

Syrian man jailed over Hungary border riot despite pleading for calm

Deported man makes Aboriginal descent claim

Stranded in Serbia – refugees in limbo

Daily Mail condemns migrant numbers – while mourning the death of migrant Andrew Sachs

2017 EU budget adopted with more for migration, security

Tamil Nadu tops in intercity migration for work

Single-credit salary accounts for migrant workers

Lebanon’s very own apartheid wall?

Roma fear Brexit to bring back bad times for their thriving Slovak town

Romani celebrity faces racist comments, death threats from fans of xenophobic band Ortel

Is there life after George Soros? Not for these Hungarian NGOs

Michal Mižigár: Inclusion is an opportunity for a better life

Human trafficking increases in Luxembourg

Libya’s cities making $346M a year from people smuggling

New mural celebrates Basque heritage

UK immigration figures hit RECORD highs as Bulgaria and Romania numbers soar

Reality Check: Is migration at record levels?

The changing face of China’s migrant population

Well-Managed Migration Key to Reducing AIDS Rates

Undercover as an eastern European migrant in London

Post-Cotonou Agreement will to tackle migration crisis

Thousands of Yazidis are ready to move to Canada: NGO

Migration adds 4% to global output, study says

NATO nearing solution to continue Aegean migrant mission: UK general

India: Migrant communities find pastoral care in Bangalore

‘Migrant crisis challenges Christian unity’, says bishop

Migrant boat traffic from Libya to Europe is surging — and turning deadlier

Iranian Man, Looking At Another Chance To Live In Iceland, To Be Deported

Spain arrests four suspects allegedly involved in migrant network linked to ISIS

Rumors of Migrant Crackdown Trigger Rise in Deadly Sea Crossings

EESC 2016 Civil Society Migration Prize to reward inspiring and successful examples of human solidarity

NGO: Special migrant courts significantly defective