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Growing African repression causing migrant exodus, says Oxfam

Beaten, kidnapped, sold: Migrant life in Libya

How Food Insecurity is Forcing Millions to Migrate

The changing face of the Mediterranean migrant crisis

Migrant killed over cap

Migrant rescues, deaths in Med as NGOs cry foul

Migrant stabbed in Australia by a group of women he met through Tinder

UN Migration Agency to Lead SDG Related Migration and Development Project in Ghana and Ethiopia

Italian police make arrests in probe into illegal migrant working

At border’s edge, open-water marathoners swim for migrant aid

Hungary charges 11 over 71 migrant deaths in Austrian lorry

Austria’s oldest football club faces final whistle

The true story of Salem, Eritrean successfully relocated from Italy to Portugal

German Minister Cools on Support for Migrant Camps in Libya

Libya rescues 129 migrants stranded at sea

Detention of ex-Gambia interior minister extended in Switzerland

Sudanese police rescue over 50 Libya-bound migrants held hostage by gunmen

Malawian comic trolled after standing ovation at top British talent show

Mass Eviction in Lebanon Buries Refugees in Debt

Roma say they’re being barred from flights to Canada

A Blind Eye on Anti-Gypsyism at the European Parliament

French Traveller shot and killed by police: can Macron “turn the page” on France’s shame?

How did Romani people live in the Czech lands before they were sent to concentration camps?

Crimea: ‘Not Our Home Anymore’

Gay man on the run from Chechnya says his family would be happy if he was killed

Cornwall’s only Islamic Centre stages event to break down barriers after being targeted by racists

EU Citizens for an Independent Scotland will give new Scots a voice in the campaign for indy

Florida resident stranded in Haiti in immigration quagmire

First Players From Africa, Lithuania Mark New Era for Major League Baseball

Haunting film on Yazidi refugee family’s trauma screened at Toronto fest

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The Vanishing Galician Accent and How it Lingers in the Diaspora