2016 10 27 Thursday

Jerusalem’s Gypsies: The community with the lowest social standing in Israel

Romania’s ‘invisible’ Roma battle for identity

Number Of Hrodna Residents Eager To Emigrate to U.S. Grows By 10 Times

From Nigeria to Italy: Women trafficked into sex work

Cross-border workers in Geneva face bumpy ride

Dear Swiss living abroad…

Investors look to profit from quicker integration of immigrants

Migrant women forced to relocate following residents’ protest

PM says Italy cannot handle rate of migrant arrivals

Germany Probing Possible Extremism Among Chechen Migrants

Calais ‘Jungle’: Demolition of massive migrant camp begins

France tells migrants to forget Calais as ‘Jungle’ camp razed

As Calais ‘Jungle’ closes, women migrants in smaller camps fear influx

Africa’s Migration Problem

Algeria: the new migrant staging post for Europe

Syria refugees in Lebanon now get aid with debit card

The blending of Lebanon and Syria

Diaspora media movement shaping the coverage of Ethiopia’s protests

Kusho Bagdro: Activist, Author, Ex-Political Prisoner

Canada unanimously votes in favour of resettling Yazidis

Denmark’s queen: Living here doesn’t make you Danish

Norwegian Minister Tells Muslims: ‘We Eat Pork, Drink Alcohol And Show Our Face’

Libya: Freed ISIL migrant girl relives kidnap ordeal

Swiss firm fired for firing Muslim with headscarf

Slovak NGOs Ease Migrant Integration Locally But Need Political Support

Czech gang guilty of trafficking ‘slaves’ in Plymouth – forcing one victim to sleep in cupboard

India: ‘States must join hands for safe migration’

Thousands of Greek Businesses Flee to Bulgaria

Meet the Eritrean refugee turned rescue volunteer

Migrant, 15, plunged to death from block of flats after onlookers shouted ‘jump’

The New African Migration Paradigm

Girls ‘ferried for sex at Kurdish car wash’, children’s charity Barnardo’s claims

Libya’s Migrant Economy Is a Modern Day Slave Market

Migrant Workers in Recreational Vehicles

The dangerous migrant road to Europe

Travelling in hope