2017 02 12

Imprisoned Ukrainian Library Director on trial for ‘extremism’ takes Russia to Strasbourg

The forgotten generations: Palestinian refugees in Iraq

Greek punk bands raise money for refugee squats

Greece hopes migrant burden will turn into boon

Films you should watch to counter American anti-migrant rhetoric

Themes of migration

Anger simmers in Greek migrant camp over living conditions

Migration and labour shortages in Asian countries

Migration and Border Policy links: Trump’s ban, unaccompanied minors, Turkey’s hackathon, and more

Infrastructure in Flight: 8 Architectural Designs Imagined for Migrant and Refugee Populations

Human trafficking and unsafe migration project underway in Nepal

European and African officials address the fight against human trafficking and migrant smuggling in the context of migration

After saving up their tips, the Basque Market staff is off to the Basque Country

Hungary to put asylum-seekers in border container camp

Tibetan Parliament Congratulates New US State Secretary Tillerson

15,000 Kurds have taken to the streets in Europe to protest for leader’s release

Thousands of Roma ‘made homeless’ in France in 2016

Gozsdu Udvar denies Roma women entry to popular Budapest nightlife area

Breaking the glass ceiling: meet the first of a new generation of Romani lawyers at the ERRC

Roma Holocaust center closes in Csepel due to lack of funding

For Roma in France, Education Is an Elusive Path to Integration

Czech Human Rights Minister and Romani advisers visit socially excluded locality without meeting Romani residents

Underage asylum seekers opportunity, not threat

After daring voyage to U.S., Haitians’ dreams end in deportation

Switzerland, land of European immigration

Swiss ease citizenship rules for young immigrants

From Arizona to Eritrea, a deadly start to 2017 for migrants: IOM

Slovak sportswear firm hit by hate mail for using black model in advert

3,000 Muslim women and their supporters protest in Vienna against Austria’s face-veil ban, claiming the niqab is a sign of ‘self-empowerment’