2016 10 01 Saturday

International Day of Older Persons

Burundi: UN Aid Agency Shifts Focus to Burundi Refugees

Norway is Europe’s best destination for international students

World Uyghur Congress demonstrates in front of the Chinese Consulate in Munich against 67 years of occupation

Dear entrepreneurs: Make migration more humane

It’s time for millennials to migrate

Italy’s migrant centres in crisis amid money worries

To Curb Migration, EU Must Solve Sahel Population Boom, UN Says

Climate Change and Savage Winters Fuel Urban Migration in Mongolia

Thailand cracks down on migrant workers as economy stagnates

Migration & border policy links: The backpacker tax, Muslim immigration, Calais and more


2016 09 30 Friday

Marked for deportation: The Home Office try to split up another Highland family


Greece ill-prepared for EU asylum returns

Inside Greece’s juvenile prisons packed with young refugees

Burundi: Opposition Party Leader Arrested, Linked to ‘Armed Gangs’

Bulgarian migrant hunter Dinko Valev arrested at Macedonian border

The Unresolved Dilemma Of Czech Immigration Policy

Tibetan government in exile releases resolution of solidarity

Yazidi family who fled ISIS document their year-long journey to Germany

A century of accomplishment for Ukrainian Canadians

Languishing in jail, 3 Uyghur Muslims seek asylum

Thailand cracks down on migrant workers as anti-immigration feelings rise

Children among more than 200 bodies recovered from capsized migrant boat


2016 09 29 Thursday

Pakistani boy gang-raped in Greek migrant camp

Incitement, tensions rise over Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Lift every voice: Gomer Congregational Church to host 99th annual Gymanfa Ganu

Refugee from Eritrea wants to leave his flat in Wales to get away from ‘bad people’

Ethiopian Actor Flees to U.S. in Protest of Government’s ‘Atrocious Actions’

A man of Tibetan descent violently attacked as he queued at ATM

Carlos Museum Highlights Contemporary Tibetan Life

Nawang Gyalwa’s happy new life in the Netherlands

Nepal Gives Written Letter To Provide Tibetans Vital Certificates

Uyghur – Tibetan Protests Against China Draws Huge Crowd in Geneva

Belarus: residents of Shimon Peres’ birthplace gather outside his childhood home

Albania’s Dependence on Remittances Ending, Experts Say

Armenia: Life in a Suitcase

Yazidi Refugees Tell Their Story

Danish political party hands out ‘anti-migrant’ spray

Danish government taking on parallel society issue


2016 09 28 Wednesday

Africa: The Lost Kids At Rome’s Termini Station – Child Migrants Exploited

Delhi’s Mini Tibet, A Monument Of Longing For A Lost Homeland

Migration and Youth

Calais migrant camp demolition raises child trafficking fears, U.N. says

Italy’s migrant centres are running out of money

Immigrant-background children barred from school trip to nuclear waste dump


2016 09 27 Tuesday

This police officer just can’t understand why he’s being investigated for racism [VIDEO/OPINION]

Exile Tibetan Administration gets new Justice Commissioner

Lebanon, Jordan doing a Big Favor to International Community

Lebanon minister’s ‘racist’ statements draw protests

Would-be tourist turns war correspondent when search for Yazidi roots exposes genocide

Rash of suicide attempts at asylum seeker reception centres

Migrant workers in Moscow face discrimination and dangers

Development Models Aim to Create Long-term Solutions to Migration Crisis

Plan to Let Migrant Children Attend School Enrages Many Greeks

Changing migration patterns are hurting the countries that care for America’s sick and elderly

To the New World and Back Again: Return Migrants


2016 09 26 Monday

DNA Testing Could Help Make a Case for Reparations as More Blacks Trace Their Roots to Africa

Do immigrants to Wales have enough opportunity to learn Welsh?

Three arrested after Czech man killed in street attack

Tibetans in Exile Should Maintain Their Identity

Georgia managed to address vital issues to improve the lives of IDPs

New migration: Haitians carve a dangerous 7,000-mile path to the U.S.

European leaders gather in Austria for migration summit

France Vows to Close Squalid Calais Migrant Camp Known as ‘the Jungle’


2016 09 25 Sunday

Austria Pledges to Protect EU’s Outer Borders to Control Illegal Migration

Balkan route nations say to focus on achievable ways to prevent new migrant influx

Hungary PM says Europe should process refugees in Libya

Dalai Lama begins his exile

There are 1,714,719 officially registered IDPs in Ukraine

Migrant and refugee boat tragedy and irregular departures from Egypt

Better coordination to save migrant lives, IOM and UNHCR

The leader of Germany’s anti-immigrant movement has become a migrant himself

In Denmark, au pairs risk abuse in name of “cultural exchange”