2016 11 20 Sunday

Migrant Resource Center to launch awareness campaign on safe, legal migration

Donald Trump and the American approach to global migration patterns

Migrant labourers seek security from landlord

Russia: Seven migrant construction workers die in blaze

Lawsuit by Chinese migrant workers could allow access to pensions for their peers

Race in America After the Great Migration

Europe’s first cathedral in a decade inaugurated in Norway

Albania holds first ever Albanian Diaspora summit

With regional jobless rate at 26%, foreigners still face uphill struggle finding work

District Court rejects human trafficking and extortion charges in unpaid domestic help case

Finland sees spike in Dublin deportation requests

‘Georgia Awaits You’ New program for Georgian diaspora announced

Bangladeshi human trafficker arrested in Libya

Putting Namibia on the World Music Map

Turkey inciting extremist groups to attack Kurds in Belgium

Tibet: Refugees Bear the Brunt of Closer China-Nepal Ties

Slovakia comes to grips with proudly neo-Nazi party

Slovak presidency proposes ‘effective solidarity’ on migration

EU chair Slovakia presses eastern states’ migration agenda, stirs anger

Australia’s human rights record tainted by ‘regressive’ migration policies – UN expert

Migrant Deaths Spike on Mediterranean

Quilts and clothing collected for Manatee’s migrant workers

Eritrea: Nationals Abroad Hold Discussion On National Issues

Migration facts in a post-truth world

Eugenics on the Border: Call for science to escape Brexit migration rules

Why Europe’s ‘fortress’ approach to migration crisis won’t work

Europe’s migrant mothers struggle to access medical care

Kurdish PM opposes Canada’s ‘organized migration’ of Yazidis

Kurd Deported, Jailed By False Accusation From Icelandic Police

West Papuans needs the support from international community, esp in Pacific

Migrant charity offers lifeline to Hong Kong’s domestic helpers

Anti-migrant protests reach Italian winemaking town

DW’s new multimedia project for West Africa: ‘The Migration Dilemma’

Migrant’s Journey From Rural Bangladesh Shows Sacrifices, Dangers of Slum Life

Migrant Arrivals to Italy Reach Record Number in ‘Deadliest Year’ at Sea

Central American plan launched to fight gangs, curb migration

US Bishops to dialogue with Trump on migration

WHO launches European Knowledge Hub on Health and Migration

The Oromo in Egypt: Why Have 11,000 Ethiopians Fled Their Homeland?