January 29
Foreign-born residents file suit in Japan over alleged racial profiling
Portuguese picking Switzerland
Global Forum Recognizes Youth Contribution to Solving Migration Challenges
Italian PM Meloni’s Africa plan swaps energy investment for migration curbs
As Buses of Migrants Arrive in Chicago Suburbs, Residents Debate the Role of Their Towns
Latest Mediterranean deaths highlight need for safe migration routes
Italy’s Meloni opens Africa summit to unveil plan to boost development and curb migration

EU investigates claims Catalan town council blocking immigrants’ access to basic services
US: House passes bill to strengthen penalties for undocumented immigrants fleeing authorities in motor vehicle
The historically familiar subtext to fears about immigrants to the U.S.
India: Call to address gaps in ensuring social protection for return emigrants
More Hungarians Return to the Country than Leave, Study Finds
Senegal: IFJ begins migration-reporting training in West Africa
US: I-130, Petition for Alien Relative
O Canada: New App Assists Refugees with Future Integration

Nearly 600 immigrants could travel to Middle Tennessee, Homeland Security says
Canada: Immigrants will not find housing or adequate health care
Rise in arrivals increased Lithuania’s population
[Eurostat] Migration and asylum: interactive publication out now
Denver nears its breaking point as migrants and the cold pile in
Migration review – zany ducks-in-the-city adventure from White Lotus’ Mike White
Stories from the UN Archive: All-star 1950s cast visits European refugee camps

February 1
February: African-American History Month, US
US: House passes bill strengthening ability to block immigrants for DUIs
“Homecoming”: former emigrants struggle to reintegrate in Senegal
Italy’s ‘Mattei plan’ excites investors as African migrants fear for their lives
The hidden price of the external migration ‘management’
India a hundred years ago | British Guiana Emigration
Greece: Demographic crisis and immigration
Mexico’s Immigration Crackdown
US: Immigration roars back in headlines. Time finally come for reforms?
Sudan Regional Refugee Response Plan January – December 2024 – at a glance

More than 15% of immigrants have left Canada within 20 years: StatsCan
US: Sociology’s Veronica Montes on the Changing Demographics of Border Immigrants
Estimated migration balance (immigrants minus emigrants) of different regions in 2023
How Did the Lebanese Diaspora Vote in the 2022 Parliamentary Elections?
A Life With A Passion: Sister Ewa And Her Work For Poles Abroad
NYC launches $53M program to hand out pre-paid credit cards to migrant families
Germany’s U-turn on migration: Is it necessary or just politics?
Country capacity to retain talent – Ranking of the 20 countries with the lowest emigration of skilled professionals in 2017-2018
Dozens of Rohingya refugees flee Malaysian immigration detention centre
Empowering Syrian Refugee Students with Kurdish Language Classes in Northern Iraq
Refugee Protection Is Being Eroded

Alleged migrant attack on NYC police sparks political uproar
Iranian Medical Society Expresses Concern Over Brain Drain
Myanmar doctor cares for fellow refugees in India

Top Countries People Don’t Want to Move From: Study Reveals
Advocacy Brief: End Immigration Detention of Children