Space is the final frontier

Thousands of refugees amassed at Thai border amid fighting in Myanmar’s Kayin state
Channel rescuers accused of manslaughter in migrant deaths
Russian Man Faces 12 Years In Prison In Belarus Over Anti-Lukashenka Activities
Amnesty: migrants bitten by dogs and pushed into rivers on Belarus-EU border
US university head warns pro-Beijing students for harassing pro-democracy fellow-Chinese student
Europol coordinates referral action targeting migrant smuggling from Belarus
Amir Assadollahzadeh: Fearing torture and possible execution, Iranian powerlifter quit team in Norway and ran for his life
Greenlanders shipped to Denmark as children seek compensation
12 Released Missionaries Detail Daring Escape From Haiti
Icelandic Woman Charged with Human Trafficking
Greece to extend border wall to stop migrants, wants EU help
Asylum seekers now able to apply for driving licenses
In the System: Ansons, Latvia finish second in World Junior tournament
Lukashenko ‘clearing warehouses of migrants’, Lithuanian minister says
Federal class action lawsuit filed over US treatment of Haitian migrants
Naturalisation, family doctors and vitamin D: reflecting on migrant grievances in Estonia
U.N. urges Belarus, Poland to address refugees’ ‘dire conditions’
Freezing in the Alps, migrants find warm hearts and comfort
Belarus, Poland block UN team from accessing border amid migrant crisis
UN Refuted Lie Of Belarusian Authorities About Mass Graves
UN: Over 160 migrants drown in shipwrecks off Libya
Belarusian Security Officers Start Using New Method For Migrants To Break Through Polish Border
Over 100 migrants turned back in two days on Latvia-Belarus border
China exodus
‘Then I understood what they want’: Unmasking Belarus border attack – LRT Investigation
South Africa Rolls Out COVID Vaccines for Undocumented Immigrants
Belarusians In U.S. Demand Tribunal For Lukashenka
Hundreds of migrants remain trapped at the Belarus-Poland border
Belarus is still using migrants as a political weapon against the EU
Russia’s FSB reports detaining 106 Ukrainian “neo-Nazis” from the MKU, an organization only the FSB knows about
Former Denmark immigration minister expelled from parliament
Afghan families reunite in Iceland
How Solvang, Danish Capital of America, Compares to Denmark
Norway: Study Shows Rise In Domestic Violence During Pandemic, Immigrants Overrepresented
New Sweden marks St. Lucia tradition
Migrants beaten in Belarus, UN reports
Widowed in Poland: An Iraqi Kurdish victim of the border-crisis
MP’s shock at living conditions for asylum seekers
Former Uganda Street Kid Finds Fulfillment as US Foster Dad
US has reunited 100 children taken from parents under Trump
Ex-Minnesota police officer found guilty of manslaughter in shooting of Daunte Wright
Last Afghan refugees leave Quantico Marine Corps Base
Diversity stats for the British armed forces
16 offenders brought back to Lithuania from UK
Migrants camped in Belarus warehouse still hope to get to EU
Syrians say Belarus deported them even though they’re wanted by Assad’s regime
Space, the final frontier of housebuilding
The romantic denial of racism in Denmark has to end
A Cultural Gumbo: Immigrants Propel Evolution of Louisiana Cooking
UK to offer visas for care workers for 12 months
Canada meets 2021 immigration target with 401,000 new permanent residents
Afghan evacuation effort earns White House support with help from San Diego veteran
Migration Flow from Nicaragua Intensifies
1951 December 24: Libya Independence Day
1979 December 24: Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
Belarus-Poland border crisis has become a roadblock for illegal Indian migrants in Europe
Māori footballer Logan Rogerson finds a home away from home at Finland’s FC Haka
Clashes in Northeast Somalia Force Thousands to Flee
16 killed when ship carrying migrants sinks near Greece
Egyptians in Germany fear long reach of Sisi’s repression
Iraq receives bodies of 16 drowned Kurdish migrants
1990 December 26: Slovenia Independence and Unity Day
1991 December 26: Dissolution of the Soviet Union