Real Discrimination Estate

Icelander wins Swedish Idol
Afghan musicians look to recreate famed school in Portugal
Full Package to Germany Costs $12,000
After UAE law change, out-of-wedlock babies still in shadows
Cuban citizen deported from Belarus for participation in protest
President Charles Michel met with representatives from democratic Belarus
Ukraine accuses Russia of information warfare after ‘neo-Nazi’ arrests
Former Danish immigration and integration minister sentenced to two months in prison
French court clears Koffi Olomide of sexually assaulting former dancers
Backlash Against Tajik and Uzbek Signage in the Moscow Metro
Balkan brain drain could be costing the region its future
Extortionists target families of crash victims in Guatemala
1974 December 13: Malta Republic Day
Nations Urged to Enhance Support for People Fleeing Conflict, Persecution and Violence
Vietnamese building Chinese factory in Serbia exploited, workers, rights groups say
Lithuanian volunteers campaign for access to border against opposition from Interior Ministry
Tibetan children taken from homes, sent to Chinese boarding schools
Would-be Syrian refugees flown back from Belarus despite visas
Cambodian refugee monk arrives in Switzerland following brief arrest in Thailand
New Border Assault: Migrants Stoned Polish Police Vehicles
Presentations point to greater Huawei role in China surveillance than acknowledged
‘A Broken Phone And A Broken Heart’: Afghan Refugees Recount Robberies On Their Journey To Serbia
Jailed Former Chief Of Navalny’s Team In Ufa Says Fleeing Russia Would Have Been Worse Than Arrest
7 migrants killed, 3 injured in car accident in Hungary
EU court asks Bulgaria to give passport to baby of lesbian couple
Virus and migrant worries spur EU to toughen border rules
Can expats be lured back? Why these Latvians are coming home.
E.U. Proposes Changes That Would Chip Away at Borderless Model
Germany Expels Two Russian Diplomats After Court Finds Man Guilty Of Killing Ordered By Moscow
EU citizens’ watchdog launches legal case against UK Home Office
Navalny Supporter Says Netherlands Has Granted Her Political Asylum
Migrants Stormed Border And Wounded Two Polish Soldiers
Kosovo says it’s agreed to rent 300 prison cells to Denmark
Epic sea level rise drove Vikings out of Greenland
Humans reached the Faroe Islands much earlier than expected
Descendants of African slaves in US visit Angola
Zimbabwe hit by exodus of health professionals
More Than 300,000 Afghans Flee to Pakistan Since Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan
Haiti Gang Releases All American Missionaries
Two awarded top bravery honor in New Zealand mosque attack
Hungarian fashion studio builds Roma cultural prestige
Migrants push past outnumbered French police to make perilous Channel crossing
Their families fled Vietnam. Now they’re helping Afghan refugees in America
Ethiopian refugees say they escaped ‘final stage of ethnic cleansing’ in western Tigray
Morocco’s extradition of Uyghur asylum seeker to China could lead to serious rights violations
First group of migrants from Cyprus relocated under Pope pledge
Culinary extraordinaire and Basque matriarch Mayie Maitia dies at 92
1971 December 16: Bahrain National Day
1989 December 16: Romanian Revolution
1991 December 16: Kazakhstan Independence Day
Myanmar’s economic turmoil is driving thousands to seek work abroad
Rohingya refugees jailed for 5 years in Myanmar for attempt to reach Malaysia
Moroccan court rules in China’s favor to extradite Uyghur accused of ‘terrorism’
Intense fighting in Myanmar’s Karen-controlled territory forces thousands to flee
2,500 people flee to Thailand amid clashes between Myanmar forces, anti-junta groups
Irregular crossings down on Lithuania-Belarus border, more migrants attempt to enter Latvia
Polish soldier reportedly crosses border into Belarus claiming asylum
Charlemagne Prize: Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya among three winners from Belarus
Cuban Protester Expelled From Belarus After 30 Years Weighs His Options In Moscow
Lapland authorities scramble to find housing for quarantined tourists
86% of Barcelona real estate agencies discriminate against immigrants
French-Rwandan taxi driver Claude Muhayimana sentenced to 14 years
South Africa rolls out vaccination pop up for undocumented migrants
Iranian Female Handball Player Defects Because of ‘Restrictions’
New York City St. Patrick’s Day 2022 to be biggest parade yet!
1907 December 17: National Day of Bhutan
1928 December 17: Kurdistan Flag Day
2010 December 17: Arab Spring
December 18: International Migrants Day
Little joy for many migrants and refugees this festive season
No shock value, just shock: Exhibit shows Boris Lurie’s searing post-Holocaust works
Brother of Vitold Ashurak leaves Belarus over threat of criminal proceedings
Migrants from Belarus border crisis arrested heading towards Arctic route to Europe
Iraq announces evacuation of 3,817 citizens stranded in Belarus
Irish in Asia: ‘Last year I realised they don’t see me as part of this society’
Mark Brzezinski confirmed by US Senate as ambassador to Poland
Rising worry about risks Vietnam’s ‘container people’ take for a new life in Europe
Pandemic Spawns New Wave of Anti-Migrant Sentiment
Migrants rally in Mexico City to mark immigration day
‘Paying to die’: migrants’ perilous journey to Europe
1878 December 18: Qatar National Day
1961 December 19: Operation Trikora, New Guinea