2017 5 30

The pro-Kremlin narrative about migrants in Europe

Russia’s act of genocide against Circassians lasted more than 150 years

Trump’s Ramadan message gets hard response from US-Somali legislator

DR Congo has world’s highest population fleeing conflict

Surgeons in Lebanon offer hope to wounded Syrian refugees

90% of shootings in Sweden are carried out by people with foreign backgrounds

Homeland Security Extends Protections For Thousands Of Haitians In U.S.

Albania’s children in exodus to Britain

Refugees sent back from Austria find new hope in Croatia

Suspect in ’95 Bosnian mass killings returned to Serbia

Small Town in Serbia Appeals For More Migrants

More than 30 migrants, ‘most toddlers’, drown off coast of Libya

UN urges Libyan government to shut ‘inhumane’ refugee centres

Chinese Uyghur colonies in Syria a challenge for Beijing

Slovakia’s Roma: Living on the margins

Police Attack Roma Community in Slovakia: Children and Elderly Injured

Czech Republic: Non-Romani man shouts racial abuse at 34-year-old Romani man before shooting him dead

Local authorities implicated in fatal attack on Roma residents in Kharkiv oblast

U.N. Offers Regret but No Compensation for Kosovo Poisoning Victims

Sara la Kali: The mysterious saint loved by the Gypsies

Inspector “shocked” by restaurant run entirely by asylum seekers working for free

Trial ends in Russia of Ukrainian Library director accused of ’incitement’ over ‘extremist’ books

“I came to love Ukraine.” How Levan from Georgia trains soldiers of the Right Sector

Bambi in the Bloodlands. Dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Operation Vistula

Watercolors of wooden churches destroyed in Operation Vistula to be published as book

Historical documents detailing Vistula operation to deport 150,000 Polish Ukrainians now online

Why Poland doesn’t want refugees

A displaced Yazidi family struggles to survive after ISIS persecution

The reception of Basque refugees in 1937 showed Britain at its best and worst

Basque in the glow: Kern County club prepares for its Memorial Day weekend Basque Festival

Basque Library exhibit honors history of the bombing of Gernika

Book pays homage to Rossmoor author’s Basque ancestry

Plaque commemorates Basque child refugees

The blockade-running British women at the forefront of Basque evacuations

You can now set up borderless businesses and bank accounts online as e-residents of Estonia

When Home Isn’t Where the Heart Is

Estonian Jewry celebrates revival 75 years after Nazis declared it extinct

Among Lithuania’s Jews, a fight for communal control takes a nasty ethnic turn

IOM chief commends Estonia’s integration plan

From NATO to Antifa: One Afghan’s journey to Greece

Journey to Yes: Germans for Independence activist Kathi on why she went from No to Yes

Bylakuppe Tibetan Settlement In Focus

Tibet PM disappointed Trump didn’t visit Dalai Lama on his religious tour

Dalai Lama will soon decide on his successor: Sikyong Sangay

New Zealand tightens migrant visa conditions

Abp Auza to UN panel: man-made crises drive migration

European Dialogue on Skills and Migration: Employers and Commission together for the integration of migrants

Italy inks deal with Libya neighbours to stem migrant flow

Europe’s Rights Official says laws turn migrant children into “extremists”

Illegal employment of third-country nationals in Germany

Ancestral Return Migration and Second-Generation Greeks in Italy

Journey of the first Kurdish woman pilot: born to a displaced family